New Team for Forum?

If we make this 2 picks and Gordan trade and hire Steve Clifford, what team are we all moving to?

I’m saying Memphis. Local star in Ja and play with heart.

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I’m probably gonna start following the Panthers again a lot more. As for Basketball, the Bucks are my second favorite because of Giannis.

Ha ha is DJ Augustin still in the league to start for us?

They should start a new franchise in the half built Panther training facility and call it the Rock Hill Bobcats. Our only goal would be 4-68 with sweep of Hornets.

It would be like when Michael starts his own paper company.

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I’m addicted to this team, nothing will ever make me leave


When Seattle gets the Sonics back I’ll bring the Soundgarden CDs


Many addictions start out because of the good feelings you get from the use. Many too eventually are attached to a sense of loathing because it’s a habit that a) no longer has that good feel and b) is unleavable. Really apt alignment there unfortunately.

caveat: not an addiction expert.

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Serious question, is there any means to cancel season tickets this late in the year or does one forfeit what’s been paid in so far? Asking for a friend.


I am thinking real serious about selling mine . 3400 If i sell them ill need at least 2400 Need to get with my agent to see if i can sell ADA seats

I have been with this team from the first game in Charlotte . The old place was wild and rockin ever game . And they really wanted to win . Even back then we had the 84 million dollar man.Little old but damn she was good. I am so old now I have forgot half the players who played.

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