Clip Joint Goin Down

We finna win!

A bit afraid the beast has not yet awoken but hey… let’s do it

Batum with a familiar stat line

‘‘Playoffs?? you kidding me??? playoffs??? i just hope we can win a game’’

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In fairness all the injuries took away our cohesiveness! We have not had our full compliment of players for a long time! It has to have taken it’s toll! Our guys fought hard through them and we had some breaks along the way with other teams injuries, but we have had a long stretch of key players injured. I don’t think Miles or Gordon will make all that much of an improvement based on that. If Gordon comes back I do not think he will play all that good given so much time off!

We won’t be the real hornets until Miles or Gordon come back

Miles and Gordon…

We have been taking a knife to a gun fight every night since the break.

God bless our coach and this team to still be where we are…

We are top 4 next season.

And I have it on good accord that we absolutely WILL bring in a badass Center.


We have been taking a knife to a gun fight every night since the break.

Well stated FH! Our guys have a lot of heart but it was asking a little too much to expect them to do much more than what they have done!

At this point I’d settle for one who can just catch a pass cleanly.

Looks like the battle for 8th will go down the wire until the last regular season day. There’s a big possibility that the Hornets Pacers and Wiz will all be tied after saturday, but I’m still hoping we can pull off some miracles on the road in our final 2 games. Maybe Miles coming back can ignite us.


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(Sorry for all the Ws, I just wanted “ew”, but the whole twenty characters thing)