Honets welcome the Miami Whistle-getters

Since no one else opened a thread for this early game

League pass video is jumpy today. Early start must be causing them issues.

I was wondering if it was just me, but I had tons of bandwidth so I thought it was them. really jumpy to start!

perfect subject line for the thread BTW

Is this where we start our run to the play in beatdown?!

Fun game to watch. 4 out of last 6. Starting our end of season push for good or bad.

I switched streams and all was good.

Enjoy beating Miami, but this team is going to play themselves out of a top 5 pick if they stay healthy.


That’s what happens when Gordo is healthy and interested

If healthy, this was a playoff team, Miles or no Miles

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I’ll have to catch the replay, but it will be interesting to see what happens if they play well on this next road swing.

They better be finding a trade partner.

I just know it. They are going on a run of competency and are ending up with the 7th pick.

Thank you sir, may I have another

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We’re going to mess around and get into the playin aren’t we? Or close to it. I always felt our team overall wasn’t as bad as our record. The treadmill continues.

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Did anyone go to the town hall before the game? If so, what was said?

I can see Gordon working his trade value up these last to games. I think if he stays healthy someone is going to take a chance on him. Indy would be the perfect place giving them a veteran presence to calm their youth.

Gordon and Bertans to Indy
Heidi and to the Mavs
Duarte and Levert to Hornets
Tim Hardaway Jr to the Cavs.

We get a project in Duarte and an expiring in Levert.

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