Back In Buck Town

Tied at 75 in the 3rd quarter, we are gonna make a run at the 10 seed aren’t we? Lol

Hornets Law reigns supreme, start to believe and they let you down.

This is one time that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

We played well. I think it’s a strange play to not ride with Gordon down the stretch when Terry seemed to have a real hard time finding a late rhythm. Not upset with the loss but was rooting for a win until the bitter end.

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I’m still adjusting on how to cheer for the team - long term is more important than short term, but when we were winning and playing so well, I was heavily eye rolling cause of course they would become world beaters now for no good reason.

It started to give me Panther vibes. They knew full well the QB hell they’ve been in the past few years, and there were 2 top tier QB prospects this year that they needed to grab one of. So of course they start reeling off wins, and landing in the 9th spot with almost no ability to get them. Should’ve let Rhule tank a little bit longer.

I know the difference here is we’re basically guaranteed a top 4 finish in the lottery. Everybody in the West other than the Rockets and Spurs are competing for the playoffs. Detroit is the only one in the East not actively trying to win.

But the only team we can realistically catch if we wanted is Orlando, who’s been winning more than us the last month or so. Yes, we’re “only” 8 games out of 10th, but that ground is harder to make up for the dregs of the league.

When we hit our peak of 23 games under .500, we then had our best success of the year winning 4 out of 6. After last nights game, we are now all the way up to… 22 games under .500. 10th place is only 4 games under .500. So there would have to be a perfect storm of us having to go 24-6 for the rest of the year just to get to 4 games under .500; Indiana to continue not turning around their slump, and for Toronto and Chicago also to quit competing so we can jump them all.

None of that is going to happen, at least not to the degree for any real chance. I just feel even losing that 1.5% extra odds is gonna screw us like it always has in the past. San Antonio is not playing, Pop has played and won this game before. I can’t enjoy watching the team as much these days without the constant fear of falling behind the pack. We can’t be the Panthers and miss out.

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Jordan has made it clear over the years that if there is a chance of making the playoffs, he will not unload well performing players at the deadline unless the return is worth it. All of us are thinking the same thing…with a healthy Oubre we will make some noise in the east. I think there will be little movement with our top 10-11 players. Jordan will risk losing all of our expiring players to free agency just to get into the play-in game again.

The level of gambler one would need to be to bet on play-in and subsequent playoff success with this team, even with an all star acquisition has to in such rarefied air.