Welcome to the Hive Charles Lee

One of the scarier rides as a Hornet’s fan is the always twisty, turny, always unpredictable (yet somehow always predictable) New Hornet’s Coach Hire.

Hopefully it doesn’t have a giant crack in it like the Fury did at Carowinds. Or maybe the better analogy is, it had a deadly crack, but now it’s fixed.

Anyway, wanted to make an official thread to welcome our new leader of the team, to give him his proper due.

I’m excited about the hire - well respected, young, high pedigree, hard worker, part of winning teams with actual modern offenses, noted player developer. I’m going to predict that this will be the best coaching hire since the orange and denim blue team properly returned NBA basketball to Charlotte

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Charles Lee!

4 year deal per Woj


We got our guy!

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Good hire. I would love a 30 for 30 on the process though. Sheesh lol


I’m absolutely roasted (strange typo - supposed to be “elated”) with this hire. He was one of the top tier guys I wanted before the Atkinson hire false start


Lets hope the Celtics have an early exit! Deep finals run would be a sizeable delay

It would be a 60 for 60

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Please don’t put the “I do then I don’t” back into the ether

I do really like that he is a budz guy from ATL and Mil

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This organization does one thing right consistently- It does not leak.

Whenever he starts, we have 4 years. I’d rather him come in with even more bona fides from getting to the Finals than have him in the building when I doubt he’s going to be much more than “consulted” or “informed” on the draft decision.

I mean he already won the finals but I get your point

Four years for Charles Lee. Thank god.

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Even though it’s official, there’s still the hornets fan pessimism in me that says “what if Charles Lee balks on this deal somehow”?

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I am happy everyone else is happy.

Let’s go! :sunglasses:

Good hire! My HTSD is starting to subside.

Really happy about this hire! Just as I was with Peterson, the Hornets have hired one of the up and coming names linked to most of the major openings. How Lee’s tenure here works out is anyone’s guess, but the Hornets have again made a sound hire. Kudos to Ownership.


Very happy and excited for charles lee.hopefully no drama with the coaching staff this time around. Brand new staff and if he needs any assistance clifford is there. I like it

@Plowright said he thought all that was negotiated before the announcement this time. That’s why it took so long.


Any news on the assistant coaches he’ll bring in?

I give him 2 years before he’s fired :joy::joy: