Assistant Coaches 2022

Curious who is on the radar for assistants to join the Atkinson coaching staff.

My hope is that we try get some of the higher profile names from the field. My biggest coach crush from looking into candidates earlier is Charles Lee. He and Kenny were on Bud’s staff in ATL so is live that reunion.

Would like us to retain Hernandez but not sure that’s a reality. Cpuld possibly pick up Fizdale, Phil Handy, or someone else from SAC, LAL, or UTA now out of a boss.

Also, I would not be surprised if Jaques Vaughn was a part of this staff. He was with Atkinson throughout his Nets tenure though his tires to JB might impact him as a candidate.

Of realistic guys we interviewed, I assume Sean Sweeney would be out of reach. Maybe Vanterpool would be available but not sure if that’s likely.

Most of all, i really want Lee in the second seat here.

Dammit, dammit, dammit

You don’t know your own power @Eastley! Within 12 hours of your thirst message the fear you struck into the Bucks told, and they protected themselves.

Hiring revolutionary war general Charles Lee? That’s a bold move. But I like it.