Clifford Stepping Down at Seasons End

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Woj: “ Sources: Among the league’s assistant coaching candidates expected to be considered in the Charlotte process: Sacramento’s Jordi Fernandez, Boston’s Charles Lee, Miami’s Chris Quinn, Phoenix’s Kevin Young, and others”


That’s a good group to choose from, I think. As much crap as I give Clifford, I think this is a good move and am glad to see it.

I will cheer for him tonight when he’s announced. Thanks for everything Steve. Going to a front office role makes sense.

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The nightmare is finally coming to an end. Please please get this new one right. :pray:

Glad to hear it on both fronts, he won’t be the head coach but he will be with the franchise in a FO capacity.

Good all the way around. Soooo happy he’s stepping down, very happy they are easing that with a FO role. In all ways, I do think he deserves that grace.


Ideally I’d want Bud but put me in the Jordi or Charles’s Lee fan club

This was a very logical conclusion

It’s Bud or bust!

Did he coach at ucon or something?

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Can anyone confirm he said this?

Rod Boone reported it.

I know the popular thing to do when it comes to hiring head coaches nowadays is to try and find gold in young assistant coaches but would it be wrong to hire a proven head coach like Jeff Van Gundy? Jeff Van Gundy said he would like to return to head coaching.

I like JVG as an announcer. Much better than MJ. I don’t remember him much as a coach. He’s been out about 16 years. Anybody remember what style he liked to play?

Steve Clifford is a JVG discipline. Lol. Well maybe more Stan than Jeff but he is a fan

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Jeff Van Gundy is one of the best coaches I have ever seen. Defense and offense

No game thread so I will put this here. This is one of those must-lose games late in the season that we always seem to win.

They’re actually more inept than we are. Amazing to me how bad scoot looks after a full nba season.

He did hit a 3 tho

I’m hoping that’s not the disgraced revolutionary war commander Charles Lee. That would be a bummer