Clifford Stepping Down at Seasons End

I don’t think Jeff Van Gundy would be interested in our situation right now. Looks like the next 1-2 years we are still going to be in building mode.

this has been the story of our fandom lives for 20 years


So what you’re saying is we’re two years away from being two years away from having a chance to make the playoffs?

Remember how much most of us wanted to get free of Gordon Hayward’s 4 year/120 mil contract because the guy never plays?

Now we may have graduated into the big leagues by having a 5yr/260m deal for a guy who doesn’t play much!

Hopefully this isn’t the case, but would be classic “Hornets Law” (law and order sound effect here) if that were the case.

Moving fast …I like it


Yeah I wasn’t saying he should or would but someone asked what type of coach he was.

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The bet Carolina link in that is interesting. It gives odds and one liner resumes

Kenny Atkinson at +3000 made me laugh

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Conversely, it made me sad. Sigh.

But Kenny really did dodge a bullet, and even got the PR spin to make Charlotte look bad instead of him.