Welcome Back Clifford

Lets Kick This Off:


Welcome back
Your dreams were your ticket out
Welcome back
To that same old place that you laughed about

Well, the names have all changed
Since you hung around
But those dreams have remained
And they’ve turned around

Who’d have thought they’d lead you
(Who’d have thought they’d lead you)
Back here where we need you?
(Back here where we need you?)

Yeah, we tease him a lot
'Cause we got him on the spot
Welcome back

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back
Welcome back, welcome back


I mean, you’ve just got to embrace this. Welcome to the Coach K of Hornets bball. The Dean. Cliff is now the penultimate icon of Charlotte. The leader of the realm.

We didn’t bring back any coach, we brought back the foundation. The floor from which all things rise.

Well…. Where is Jason Maxiel? We need to sign him asap.

Welp, the limpdick, piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining, incestuous, dumbassery shitshow of the 2022 offseason is almost complete. All we’re missing now is a devastating injury and/or losing Miles to the Pistons. Congrats, MJ… everytime I think you’ve found a way to put fans off more, you outdo yourself… and this right here may be the all-time grandaddy of fan alienation feats I have ever heard of or witnessed. What a fucking joke. Fuck you, Steve Clifford.


Yowzers. Watch how you talk about m’daddy.

Come on man….Time to get on board!

That tie is a classic!

Trying this going to be to be hard. OK.

Clifford has never had a team with this much talent. Made fun going back to 98-97 games. Between first 2 hornet & magic years, not close to JB high octane showtime, offense evolved as talent improved with Allstar Kemba, Batum, Lamb, Lin, small ball center Marvin. But “peak” of 48 wins not sustainable, because talent level and what we paid for them for that one year.

Defense dropped during time, in addition to player and pace change. Get back what lost from less talented teams…effort & discipline.

Stated player development going to suck, didn’t get a lot to work with. Many best ever played was what Clifford got out of them, including Kemba. Clifford has never had a team with this much talent.

Summer making me angry. I do not see how, but if somehow works out with LaMelo, I’ll get over it.

Let me take a breath and get composed before I type this out. I want to feel grounded and choose my words wisely.

Fuck Steve Clifford. And Mitch. and fuck you too MJ.


I’m going to give Cliff a chance. Maybe Mitch told him that he must play the young guys… no questions asked. That’s the only way I can be ok with this… but we alll know what’s going to happen,

I’m sitting here on my couch, in the dark typing this. Such pain. Depressing.

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This team will never take the next step to our Horents being perennial playoff contenders with MJ being a perrennial cheapskate!!!



No way any reasonable person can be happy with this rehire. I don’t hate Clifford, I just think his time has passed. What is he going to bring here to really improve us? Not a damn thing, be same crap from his first stint.

I hope to eat crow a few months into the season, but I highly doubt it.


I love MJ as a person and of course when he was a player, but his ownership has been a train wreck for a long time. Hate to say it but maybe would be best for the team as a whole if he does sell.


He should have never been fired!

Now bring back Kemba!

Not gonna lie, if we can sign Kemba for $3-4mil a year for 2 years, would it be so bad? Given that Pistons will buy him out.

Won’t lie this is probably the most frustrating move the Hornets have done the entire 15 or so years I’ve been a fan


I just wanna know if Bruh has finally come up with some inbounds plays.


Will Clifford’s first move as coach be making sure Bouknight is never allowed to touch a basketball again?

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