Would a Kemba Return work?

Yeah, I said it. Since we’ve hired Clifford do we fully invest in reliving the “Clifford glory days” and sign Kemba?

Kemba likes Clifford. I don’t see why Kemba couldn’t come in as a back up vet. Would he accept a MLE type of deal? Is that possible?

I don’t hate it.

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I am trying my best to fully embrace what’s happening, so here we are. Why not bring kemba back?

I suppose the pistons will buy out his contract. Who cares about development of young player right!! Let’s win about 46 games and lose in the first round of the playoffs!

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@powellrmp Take a time out bro. Lol


You know he belongs here. On a team friendly deal of course but the whole NBA knows where Kemba should be. We should try having a 3rd PG this year and Kemba can fill that role. After signing Miles, am hoping that we can get Coby White to back up Melo.

I can’t. I’m trying to figure out how we can get Big Al out of retirement.

And we gotta make space for MCW. This team couldn’t possibly win 40 games without MCW.

To the OP…


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Yesss! Bring him back!

For it if the idea is he’s a player mentor that will one day transition to staff. Not sure I want him if he’s up and down with injuries. We need reliability in the worst way in this squad.

I would assume, he will take a role like Ish or IT, so injuries wouldn’t be so worrisome. I think he can keep it clean with low playing time, but provide needed relief at times.

Is assume Clifford would want a defense first point guard in the mold of MCW. I keep jearing Netto bounced as that type but I can’t really image his game well enough to know if it’s in line. I doubt the team would go for Kemba just as fan service. They haven’t really done squat in that department in quite some time.

I agree. I’d rather have delon wright. He fits the defensive role. And has size at 6’5

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He would be a good get.

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I would rather have Delon Wright than Cody Martin in a heartbeat.

I’d rather sign both and trade Oubre. I can think of no player who is less suited to SC than Oubre. That said, if he could strike the humility, D, team ball spark in Oubre … no, that’s too much.

I wonder if Kemba’s come to the point where he knows he can’t be a focal point of a team anymore. Although I still thought he still was an assassin at times in New York, and unfairly scapegoated because the Knicks eventually Knicked like they always do. He’s got a bit left in the tank.

But since Boston and NY both passed on him even being a part of the core for their teams, I imagine the rest of the league is probably feeling the same way.

If he embraces a bench role instead of seeking a starting spot somewhere, I think he could be really damn effective. 15-20 minutes a game would save his knees and keep him fresh.

His defense would hurt for end of game situations, so don’t think he’d even be in, but his knowledge of Cliff’s system, and the potential mentoring of Melo and all the tips and tricks of scoring in the paint would be invaluable. He could definitely be the Marvin Williams type of leader and bring the veteran presence and professionalism to the locker room.

Delon Wright definitely would be the perfect fit and best option, but I don’t know if we’ll have the money. If Kemba wants to do a low cost 1-year deal as a backup pg to prove he’s still got it, I’d be down for sure.


If he could give us 15 to 20 minutes a night then he could be the back up to Melo! We could stash a PG w the Swarm in case of injuries. Heck this just might work!!!

Nobody and I do mean nobody is looking for Kemba to be their PG1. Surely he knows this.

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Cool. I’m glad we could use this thread to shift away from Kemba and towards Delon Wright.

See ya Kemba, Hello Delon.

I wonder if Delon would take the MLE

Hate to say it but no, I feel like the combination of his health, horrible defense, popularity and inconsistent play make him a tough fit to be the back up here.

If his knees are still bad then nope! Thinking about it, there is probably no way that his knees get better. We should always have an assistant coach position open for him at the very least.

He basically has a hollow left knee. Its really tough.