Call me crazy - but we beat the Twolves tonight

A Game Thread
Let’s goooooooooooo!

We just might. I’ve no idea which version of our team will turn up on any given night. We need to start better, and I think I’d have Trez in from the off because, despite his height and defensive limitations, his energy is infectious. We need more dogs, more fight on the floor.

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Towns don’t like to get banged around . Trez would be in his face all night and could guard him out side . Plumlee isn’t fast enough . So i agree Trez would be a better choice . My starters would be able to switch across the fount line.Trez, Bridges , Washington all three can switch. Terry and Melo man the guard positions. This would be a good game if we had Martin to guard the sg position. Assignments will be interesting. Miles might be the best we have to guard Edwards.Oubre when he want’s to is a decent defender. Terry and Melo i feel isn’t strong enough to guard him. . Oubre has better production coming off the bench. Bouknight all so needs to see the floor with the 2nd unit along with Thor . So my second unit would be . Melo, Bouknight ,Oubre Thor and Plumlee . I think i would use Bouknight over Oubre as the sixth man. Giving the hot hand the most playing time . I hope the competive team shows up from the jump

I will just put this hear . I just read IT is going back to the G league . I think we should give him a ten day to see how he worked out. He might help the scoring slumps .

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Yep. I’ve been saying this, so I’m on board. I suggested this idea a month or two ago and it got poo poi’s by people saying we didn’t need it.

Some some reason I feel like we’re going to get crushed tonight. Don’t know why.

Would like to see a big game from from Harrell and some extended minutes for Thor.

That Dr. Pepper logo is driving me crazy. looks so bad and its distracting.

Super pumped to see Thor play so early. I hope it continues.

Glad to see Plumlee back in the game. Time to get down 15.

We leave huge gaps for paint slashes

So I guess maybe Plumlee and Montrez seem to work well together. Definitely gives us good size.

Towns just got 3 fts for a clear offensive foul AND THEY REVIEWED IT, looked for .2 seconds, and confirmed the call


Also, PJ Washington has the BBall IQ of a toaster

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Man these officials on some BS

I guess they are just going to give the Wolves points. How do you review this shit and still get it wrong?

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How insane is it that flop got rewarded?

What are the odds that we get through these 9 seconds without Minny shooting fts?

Hate to say it but don’t see how they don’t call a foul if the ball gets to Towns and he misses

Great minds think alike