Call me crazy - but we beat the Twolves tonight

How does Finch not get the ball to Towns going downhill? I’ll take it but strange as hell ATO call.

Minnesota is lucky to be in OT, those 3s were bad shots that just happened to go in. I like how we are playing

Everything is so hard for us in OT and so easy for them. Just frustrating

This team is very poorly coached in-game

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No Bouk and the team loses yet another game. JB has to be fired and soon.

I don’t know what to say. Good game. Make our free throws and we win


Even though I am not high on JB, I think the glaring hole we have is our center. I think with a capable center we can win games. I am ok with letting go Gordon and Kelly for a good center.

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The roster construction is why I can’t get behind the Borrego hate honestly. I mean if we had Minnesota’s roster we would be better than .500 under Borrego’s leadership


Its not all on Borrego, but we are falling short with in-game decision making and on-the-fly adjustments that make good teams good. Thats on the coach and players.

But man, we get in our own way a lot.

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I think we are better, but not as much as we believe with the East getting better.

It’s time to accept we are a play-in team. The only threat of falling out of that is with the Knicks and I don’t see them going on a run like Boston and Toronto for example.

If we get healthy and are able to play our way into a first round series then that’s great.

That’s where I’m at right now. But I’m seriously considering not renewing my season tickets though. This price increase isn’t worth what I’m seeing currently.

Welp. I tried

We need to learn how to deal with our shooting woes from the three point line.
Three players going 1/7, 1/5 and 0/4 really hurts us.

Agree with @cltblkhscoach on the JB discussion. Let’s not forget, he has coached a team that’s beaten Vegas’ odds every season he’s been here. I think he’s a good development coach and talks more sense than not. He has never been happy with our Centre position, and it’s tough to judge a coach when he doesn’t have a defensive presence, let alone anchor, in the paint. Without rim protection, we’re caught in a no man’s land of neither being able to protect the paint nor defend the 3 point line well. Our roster composition is heavily biased towards offence and lacks size. We do have Thor, who has tremendous length, and both Richards & Kai in the pipeline, but outside from them, we don’t have many players with good size and length for their position.

However, I also appreciate where @GoBobcats24 is coming from, it is the in-game coaching where JB MUST improve. It is here where his head coaching credentials do come into question. His rotations, especially the lack of minutes for young players on the cusp of the rotation in games that are already decided, need to improve. I’m fine with young players having to earn minutes and take opportunities rather than have them handed to them because of where they were drafted, but there also needs to be some balance. The only possible excuse I can summon for JB on this point is that he’s being told he needs to win now and make the playoffs. If that’s the case, then a Coach will always default to vet players. If that isn’t the message he’s receiving, then he needs to feature Bouknight and Thor more now that they have shown glimpses of being viable rotation players. Bouknight especially while Kelly is shooting so poorly.

This roster needs a pest of a defender as backup PG, at least one wing who is relentless on D and a rim protecting #5. I think the front office is hoping beyond hope that Richards, Kai & Thor can bring us some of what we need, but that means we’re paying big bucks for Terry & GH while not putting a well constructed/balanced roster around them. That, to me, is a waste and perhaps what erks me the most.

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Ways things are going, seems like I’m watching a replay of how things unfolded towards the end of the season. Wouldn’t be shocked if we suddenly beat Miami on Thurs lol. And yes, we are just a play-in team at best as much as it hurts me to say that.

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I really don’t see us as over achieving. This is the same place we’ve been year after year. I had high hopes for these guys… but instead…. Same thing. If we don’t get into the playoffs, we have to change things and that starts with JB.


I agree with most things, but I don’t think we desperately need a backup PG. I just think we need Cody back from his injury, and that should amp up the perimeter defense.

We really need a competent center, however it doesn’t hurt to try Richards + Trez, or Mason+Kai, rotations. This is what JB lacks. Also, not making the playoffs two years in a row with a competent squad, would point at JB.

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Optics are gonna be bad though since they just extended him but yeah I agree that this might be more on JB.

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It would have been nice to move Oubre and or Plumlee at the deadline for a good center. Our backcourt is small and can’t close out enough on the three. We are improving but not at the rate of most of the other team’s in the east . JB to his credit get’s good effort out of his players. He seams to have problems using his young talent in game but developing them ok. I think he has a trust problem with young guys. [example] Bouknight should have got some of Oubre’s time last night. As well as Thor who was one of a few who ended up with a plus last night. Over all JB is a good coach but has areas he has to improve . We need to hire a very good defensive assistant for next season.

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Disagree. The team’s record has been better than Vegas & the consensus predicted every season JB has been here. JB has his faults, and needs to improve, but that’s an unfair critique.

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Within our conference we are only better than Atlanta and Knicks. I don’t think you can include restructuring teams in the comparison (Wizards, Indiana etc.).

In this sense, we should either overhaul the roster significantly, or coaching staff. 2-8 streak is not so good in our “easier” schedule.