Call me crazy - but we beat the Twolves tonight

Starting to think both are required. However, much easier to change the coaching staff.

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This team is really only building around Melo and Bridges , . And hoping some more youth sticks. Terry and Hayward are just stop gaps til more youth sticks.

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You’re right, they are THE two players. The fact that Ball & Miles have both on and off court chemistry adds to the excitement.

Bouknight looks like a good 6th man prospect to me, as I don’t see him complimenting Ball in the backcourt. Thor & Kai could be a fascinating Big duo, but that’s very much on the potential side of things. I like McDaniels, and he’s one of our better defenders and few players in the main rotation with good length. Richards, who I’d have traded for a bag of chips early in the season, really has looked like he could become a viable rotational centre, which is great.

Ball, Bouknight, Miles, Thor & Richards, with some Kai and maybe Lewis thrown in too, is a grouping/rotation I’d like to see on the floor late in the season in an already decided game. In fact, I want to see that in every decided game.

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I see a ton of upside out of Thor. Richards I see far less but for sure a long term rotation player as far as upside. Kai seams to me to be falling behind and not the automatic all star we hoped for. He has the athletic ability . But so far the rest hasn’t come. Bouknight i am not real big on and I thought we should have sold high on him. If we can get one star out of those guys . All of us should be happy. A star is hard to come by.

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Yep, I’d be surprised if he isn’t the best of the draft group. Exceptional length to him, can shoot, defend and has the agility of a big Wing. Lots to like with him.

I feel like Kai is really coming a long we’ll and he has the most upside of every player we drafted form that draft. He’s raw for sure but the talent is there… he can also shoot the 3.

Kai has a very low bbiq from what i have seen so far. But he’s still young he still has time to pick it up I hope. That’s why Thor is playing over him and Richards right now