Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

Figure we should have a thread fully dedicated to the to-be incoming HC. Also interested in appraisals of who the base feels is important to keep from the existing staff.

Current list of our assistant coaching staff:
Nick Freidman
Dutch Gaitley
Marlon Garnett
Jay Hernandez
Chad Iske
Norman Richardson
Jay Triano

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Might try throwing these out if they help. The info is generally wikipedia-based unless I recall/know something particular. Glad for corrections and note, this isn’t the comprehensive list of who is out there, just guys that seem relevant from my limited view.


Name Current Role HC Experience HC W:L Records Prior Candidate Attributes
David Vanterpool NBA: BKN n/a n/a yes HC with CSKA Moskva and joined POR as an assistant and was largely credited with getting team Dame + CJ off the ground. Interviewed with us (and a slew of other teams over the last 4-5 years) and largely viewed then as a pro development coach. Oddly, was not considered for an interview w/ MIN where he was the lead assistant at the time the FO brought in Chris Finch. Also made headlines embarrasingly for the touched ball incident with BKN earlier this year.
Sam Cassell NBA: PHI n/a n/a cannot recall Served with three NBA orgs as an assistant over the last dozen years, was credited by then-John Wall for his development (early in his WAS career). Was influential in WAS pulling in Paul Pierce as a FA though not sure that would be applicable a decade later (as far as influence on FAs).
David Joerger NBA: PHI MEM, SAC 157:99, 88:148 no Coach of the month 2x at MEM, coached well and was let go at year three after receiving a 3 year extension the same year. Led SAC to their best record since they last made the POs yet was still terminated. JMO but might find this job echos the same sentiments that led to his ouster in MEM and SAC.
Earl Watson NBA: TOR PHX 33:85 no Took over in PHX when Jeff Hornacek was terminated. Installed a defense over offense approach to PHX. Was only given 3 games into his second full season when he was terminated (which led to Jay Triano’s stint as HC for PHX).


Name Current HC Experience HC W:L Records Prior Candidate Attributes
Ronald Norad NBA: IND n/a no Former assistant on JB’s staff. Prior to, his first NBA assistant stop was under Brad Stevens before leaving for a college HC position. He later was brought in by BKN to be their G-League HC. He joined the Hornets staff in 2018 and left for a position with IND in 2021
Lloyd Pierce NBA: IND ATL 63:120 no Hired to ATL concurrent with JB’s hiring in CLT. Was lauded initially as a strong in-game coach and was noted as the defensive architect of PHI in his time there. He significantly underacheived in ATL by most counts and seems to have lost the locker room very quickly in years 2 and 3 before being terminated (midway through the season)
Darvin Ham NBA: MIL n/a no Is often cited as the next assistant to be named HC. Heavily credited with assisting Mike Budenholzer with both the over achieving Hawks team that sent more than likely made sense to the ASG, he has also garnered a lot of credit for Mike’s success in MIL.
Charles Lee Jr NBA: MIL n/a no Like Darvin Ham, accompanied Bud from ATL to MIL and earns raving reviews as an up and coming HC to-be. ESPN article on his cites him as being as at ease talking up a backup PG as sitting down with the owner.


Name Current HC Experience HC W:L Records Prior Candidate Attributes
Pat Delany NBA: WAS n/a not that I am aware He was a well respected assistant coach here under Steve Clifford. He followed Steve to ORL where he left upon Clifford’s departure. I was surprised to see him in some rising stars talk of assistant coaches so would not be shocked if he was getting interviews.

also see our current assistants


Name Current HC Experience HC W:L Records Prior Candidate Attributes
David Adelman NBA: DEN n/a no Son of Rick Adlemen of HOU, MIN, and SAC fame. Seems to be climbing the ranks of up and coming assistants and was part of MIN in a player development role. Currently the lead assistant on the DEN staff.
Jordi Fernandez NBA: DEN n/a no Like Adleman, saw him in a couple of articles mentioning assistant coaching rising stars. Sounds like he’s developing quite a following of stars buying into what he’s selling and was in a player development role with the early CLE teams of Kyrie and others. Certainly looks like a name we’ll start to see more of for HC roles
Scotty Brooks NBA: POR SEA/OKC, WAS 338:207, 183:207 no Seems like a Rorschach test - certainly had some highs and lows in both OKC and WAS although more with the former. Seems to do well with a lot of talent and doesn’t get too managerial but that has been a detriment as well. Regardless of what one might think about his overall value, he seems to garner much frustration w/ his lack of in-game adjustments and playing key/core pieces too long (either in-game or in-career).
Steve Hetzel NBA: POR n/a no Like Pat Delany, was a member of Clifford’s staff both here and in ORL and is now in POR. Not quite clear if he’s considered ready for the next step but adding him as a familiar name.

My best guess (there is still talk of a huge signing) I think QS would be a home run. My thoughts in order of likelihood…


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Yeah, there’s a treasure trove in the Pacific Division - that’s up next. Not that this is a definitive list, just a list of the current “assistant coaching” names I recognize as either being mentioned now or over the last few years. I was big on Larranaga last go round, still high on him but probably more excited over Darvin Ham or Kenny Atkinson presently but part of me thinks Joerger was quite good (just concerned why he was terminated twice when the records didn’t jive with it).

I thought this was an interesting interview/call with Larranaga: Basketball Ireland Performance Conference - Creating a High-Performance Culture - YouTube

Can’t help but wonder if K was brought in to advise on the coaching hire particularly with opinions on quin snyder

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Darvin Ham is interviewing with the Kings. Have read a lot of very complimentary articles over the last 18 months - seems like a matter of time before he gets a HC gig.

Kenny Atkinson or Quinn Snyder. I don’t want a first time coach. I like how Atkinson had the Nets playing with no stars and they always came to play every night.


Put me down for snyder

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Good find, thanks

Quin Snyder + Rudy Gobert for Gordon Hayward + Kelly Oubre seems like a good trade to me. I think keeping Plumlee would allow us to play PJ and Harrell on 4, and Miles on 3.

I think the Utah jazz would beg to differ.

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Dont downplay the draft with the K talks…

Go on? What’re you referring to?

Funny random thought. Can you imagine Larry Brown coaching this team? Larry brown would kill Melo.

Theres potential of intel gathering there with Williams being in our range.

Melo with the half-court spin move…

That was a Larry Brown fav, wasn’t it.