Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)


Name Current HC Experience HC W:L Records Prior Candidate Attributes
Kenny Atkinson NBA: GSW BKN 118:190 no Was initially an assistant under Mike D’Antoni (NYK), he later left to join ATL as a Bud assistant. Took over in BKN in the head role. Showed inprovements year over year with BKN but eventually was fired midway thorugh his 4th year which at the time was viewed as highly surprising. Has gone onto be an assistant with Tyronn Lue in LAC and now with GSW. Seems to have a lot of fans in the NBA coaching community and is largely credited as a good developmental coach.
Mike Brown NBA: GSW LAL, CLE 42:29, 305:177 no Former assistant with SAS and later IND. He took over in CLE in 2005 and amassed a 172:128 record before being terminated at the end of the 2010 season. He went on to coach LAL for the shortened season and was terminated 5 games into his second season. He returned to coach CLE in 2013 which was a sub-performant second stint and he was terminated before year 2.
Larry Drew NBA: LAC ATL, MIL, CLE 128:102, 15:67, 19:57 no Drew had significant success with ATL early but was not able to sustain consistent performance with some talent heavy teams. He went on to a very lackluster year in MIL and was terminated replaced by Kidd. He had a brief stint in CLE as the HC when Lue took a leave of absence but his first full year at the helm was not a continuation of that 8-1 record. He and CLE mutually parted ways following his one near-full season as HC. He now serves as an assistant to Lue in LAC
Brian Shaw NBA: LAC DEN 56:85 no Respected for a time but seemed to fall out of coaching favor. He bumped around as an assistant until taking the G League Ignite head role but stepped down after one season.
Jay Larranaga NBA: LAC n/a yes As mentioned above, he interviewed with the Hornets when JB was hired and was largely considered a top candidate at the time. He’s considered a strong development coach and has been an assistant with BOS and now LAC for 10 years. Was the Erie Bay Hawks HC for a two year stint
David Fizdale NBA: LAL MEM, NYK 50:51, 21:83 no Has not stuck long in either of his HC roles, in both cases being terminated quite early in his 2nd year. He famously butted heads with Marc Gasol in MEM which was much fodder around his firing. He was a member of Vogel’s staff with the LAL but not sure if he’s currently still employed by LAL
Phil Handy NBA: LAL no Stints with LAL (2x), CLE and TOR as an assistant. I see his name pop up from time to time but not sure he’s a credible interview presently.

Just heard a clip with Step Curry and Draymond Green praising Mark Jackson. So thats my list of 3

Kenny Atkinson
Mark Jackson
Quinn Snyder

Tony Bennett seems like a bad nba fit

I know I’m stating the obvious, but this is such a crucial hire to get right.

We actually have talent, one of them a potential superstar, and the coach needs to command the respect of these guys and be able to build a relationship with them.

We have assets, two very tradeable contracts, two first round picks and only one relatively bad contract in GH, who likely is moveable without too much pain incurred anyway.

There are no bad characters on the team, so the dynamic is a pretty good one.

There’s only one, albeit a gapping one, hole in the starting 5. Otherwise, it’s mainly role players who can defend that we need.

We’re in really good shape and primed to become a team that can get past the first round and make some noise. We just need a HC who can take us there and, this time around, we ought to be one of the most attractive, if not the most attractive, options for the right guy.

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Time certainly heals all wounds. When he the coach the team hated him so much (as a coach) that he completely lost a team that only the next year was a legit title shot.

Kerr literally inherited a 60 win team.

Just go back and look at mark Jackson articles from the year prior to the year post Steve kerr

I feel like if the front office was making such a move, that they already had someone lined up who they knew for sure was better. I just can’t see them taking a risk on an unproven assistant and hoping it works with Melo.

I’m sure Casell and Ham may very well be solid coaches in due time, but understanding the game is completely different from actually managing players, personalities, teaching, getting buy in, and all the other day to day stuff. It’s taken even a great mind like Jason Kidd 3 teams and about 10 years to become pretty good. Nash is obviously very basketball smart, but doesn’t know how to manage games and players. I think he’ll get there, but not with the Nets.

I think Atkinson or Snyder will be the best bets. Both seem proven to be able to lead and coach a team up. Snyder has more experience with a superstar, but Atkinson got a team to truly buy in and play way above their heads. Other upcoming assistants still feels to risky, I’d rather have someone with proven experience who can at least garner some respect with their track records

can’t wait to see how this organization will find a way to fuck this up.

I actually have more faith in them than I’ve had in a while. The fact they got rid of JB gives me a lot of hope. We hopefully will no longer let high picks waste away and give them some meaningful burn so we actually know what we have. Hopefully the new coach does that. I think we can still win giving Bouknight and Kai some minutes.

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I think Bouknight needs to go. After watching his play last year . He earned no playing time. In Bouknight all i see is a very small black hole type player who has no chance playing up to his hype. I would take a 2nd round pick just to move him.
What part of his game even comes close to the hype.

Should’ve taken Moody


I do think Bouk was a strange pick considering the immediate commitment to Terry, the lack of wing defense, and the apparent redundancy.

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Agreed, it only really made sense if he was coming in as Terry’s replacement, to then extend Terry on that contract was a head scratcher.

As for the comment that he showed nothing and needs to go seems harsh, the kid played limited minutes, looked a bit lost on defense admittedly but no surprise, given the fact the whole squad looked lost on defence this season.

Was forcing shots maybe, as players do when their game time is sporadic - still showed he can hit 3s, and .87% from the stripe is a good enough indication his shot will translate when he settles down. Has the athleticism and hustle to be an above average defender in the right system.

Trade our lottery pick who played 7mpg across 31 games for a 2nd rounder? good job we’re on this forum and not in the front office.

Moses Moody who averaged less points, rebounds, assists and steals in more minutes? Meh. Duarte maybe, I wouldn’t pick Moses ahead of Bouk even with the benefit of hindsight - what’s he shown this season?

As for ‘the incident’ quite rightly got sat after that and paid his dues. Kept his head down since then and has shown maturity in all the interviews I’ve seen since.

Let’s not bury our heads in the sand on it either JB came to blows with Bouk, Kai Jones liking ‘fire JB’ comments on insta, Melo’s body language towards him, melo, miles pj etc out here posting on social 5 times a day about every little thing and not one of them has time to tweet thanks coach or even liking the hornets post saying it, oh and the FO firing him within days of the end of the season… I can see the common denominator and it ain’t the rooks. Let’s get behind them ey.


A second round pick might be asking to much . We might need to add cash consideration’s all so to get some one to take him.

I haven’t heard much good about Bouknight off the floor. Actually, it sounds like things may have gotten worse now that he has $$$


I tend to agree. I don’t believe we should give up on him. If we do move Terry sooner or later, having him on on the come up seems like a good idea. I just don’t really get the drafting per se but not that I had a better idea.

I think on JB, he could have done anything this year but get blown out in the 9-10 game even worse than last year while wilting down the stretch which was why we were in the 9-10. And for me, it’s the play-in blow-out that is front and center. If you hang the sign over the practice court for a full year and repeat the result almost like target fixation rather than lessons learned, there’s really nowhere for the team to go.


Article I read we might be going after Snyder and Gobert. It even goes back to coach K being seen and said to be in a meeting with MJ about Snyder.

Gobert was said to be coming to Charlotte for Hayward , Plumlee, Oubre and our two 1st
Said to fix our center position long term . Melo, Terry, Miles, Washington ,Gobert With Snyder subs include Martin, McDaniel’s Kai, Bouknight, Thor.

I don’t think that works cap wise. It’s way too much leaving us for what’s coming back (in salary).


Sorry ment to put 1 of the two Oubre or Plumlee

Damn I hate French basketball players I really do.

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The problem with Rudy is you better really love him. By the time that contract ends, we would be paying him nearly $47m in the final year. $38m - $41m - $44m - $47m over those 4 years. I don’t think any NBA center, who is only a center, and not able to stretch the floor is worth tying up that much of our salary cap.