Hornets Head Coaching search (2022)

Eastley I completely agree with you. But the Gobert rumor is one that is out their

I’d be ecstatic with Gobert on the team. He’s perfect for us and if that’s what it takes to get him… do it!

While i am way up for a defensive center, i don’t see Rudy as a perfect fit for us. We need a 75-game per year ball stopper on the perimeter, one that makes Cody Martin look pedestrian, and we need to be able to play 5 out at times. Rudy’s style of play and moreso his salary hurt that imo.

100% against Gobert, especially at that cost. Watching this is what made up my mind. Gobert is an amazing defender - something the team needs - but he’s actually hurts the offense every second he’s in the game. The video covers a lot of stuff, but the important parts to me are the turnovers & how his man drops down and ignores him, cutting off drives to the basket. The same thing would happen here, except that it would be LaMelo and Miles having trouble getting tot he basket instead of Mitchell.

I’m prepared to eat my words, but man. I have bad vibes about Gobert.


Gobert is the prime example of an exceptional role player. He is a fantastic defender, truly exceptional. But you simply can not commit that % of your cap to any player who has clear liabilities.

This point alone is why he isn’t worth his contract and would not be the answer for us. I’d happily give up some of his rim protection and rebounding for the ability to guard reasonably on the perimeter and hit a wide open 3.

i said it at the time here, the second gobert signed that contract he lost 80% of his value.

i feel the same way about mitchell. both are paid like guys who can win you a conference finals series when you need them the most. neither can.

Great find and analysis in that video. I wonder if a lot of this gets buried because he plays in Utah, which much likes Charlotte, doesn’t get a lot of coverage nationally.

I saw some Biyombo-esque hands in that video of Gobert. Yikes.


It’s a BS rumor

I hope so FH. I like Gobert. But not for those assets or that contract.

Hoping we start to hear some news on coaches now that we’re between playoff rounds.

Just throwing out a crazy idea. If we’re going for the experienced in winning-and-deep-playoff-runs route, what if we got a package deal of Mike D’Antoni for offense and Mike Brown for defense. Then since Nash needs to gain more experience as an assistant coach, maybe we can grab him once he’s let go by the Nets to be an assistant and mentor Melo.

So we could then install an actual proven top notch offensive system that doesn’t solely always rely on 3 or more guys being on fire from 3, a defensive mind who can get mold our young guys on the ways of how to actually defend, and then a hall of fame guy who can relay all his knowledge and expertise to our most important asset.

Money shouldn’t be a concern if they’re serious about getting it right.

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Count me as a member of team Quinn Synder

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Didn’t we hire Clifford over Snider years ago? Messed up big there. Haha

That last out of bounds play he drew up for Bojan was better than any Borrego drew up this season.

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Interesting that the Lakers have been so aggressive in their HC pursuits compared to us. I saw earlier today the have Ham coming in for an interview and see they are highly interested in pursuing Quin Snyder. I’d think we’d want to be equally aggressive but perhaps it’s conceding the reality that the Lakers will get whomever they want and we might as well wait for them to make their hire. I wouldn’t have thought that as a good move but trying to otherwise understand the silence from our FO after a week.

Hopefully it means we already have our guy? If but… typical hornets move. Waiting until everyone is finished and then we go last.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be hard to make an argument that we are a better job than the Lakers

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I think it likely comes down on 3-4 categories; salary, ability to get hired after being terminated (face it, nearly all of these jobs end in being fired), ability to do the job (including hiring quality assistants), and any additional perks that go with the job (or avoiding anti-perks).

Salary: JB was the one of the lowest paid coaches in the NBA during his tenure at or around $2m. Average league HC salary is around $5m. And this has been the knock for a time now on us.

Ability to get hired later: Maybe a wash. Maybe too, you take over a LeBron GM’d team and underperform, there’s likely some sympathy that you gain from the talking head world spending all their wind covering your team and the mistakes that aren’t you. You screw up the LaMelo thing, it probably doesn’t earn much sympathy and our lack of TV coverage means that the loudest voice will be the narrative.

Ability to do the job: We don’t pay well on the assistant coach front - or at least that was reported as what we struggled with more than head coach salary during the JB hire. Also the challenges of getting Free Agents to CLT is more difficult than most (or has proven so in the Horncats era). But too, lower pressure on you in CLT than in LA for sure. BUT, big pressure coming up because every talking head will want to wish LaMelo out of here and to LA.

Additional perks: I don’t know, LA has the weather and the center of the entertainment galaxy and all but that’s likely not a big deal to a coach that spends his existence watching tape and studying the game in a technological cave. CLT has decent weather, nice place to bring a younger family, significantly lower cost of living (which makes up a bit on the lower pay but not close to fully explaining it). Depending on the personality, they could be a wash generally.

I just think if it came down to it and all things being equal, having the challenge coin in your pocket at the coaches’ bar, “Coached the Lakers” beats “Coached the Hornets.”

Not sure if I made a good argument but I think it would be totally reasonable for most coaches to take the Laker position over the Hornets given the choice and all things expected. We change some of the parts that we can change, new ball game.

Just because it hasn’t been reported that we have met with anyone doesn’t mean we haven’t…

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Believe you are going to hear about assistants (and even unemployed but disiring to not be) head coaches getting interviews because it drives up their viability/credibility. Doesn’t preclude the stealth interview where both parties don’t want it known but don’t think that applies to most of the field here.

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