Who gets the credit? Mitch or Schnotkin?

With rumours that the new owners, to be referred to as Schnotkin, were heavily involved in these trades, do we applaud them or does Mitch get the credit? Any insight @FoundingHornet? If it was Schnotkin, this bodes extremely well for the Hornets’ future.


Don’t know how long Mitch will be around but he is better than most give him credit for on here.

New owners get credit for pressing the issue of change and doing it quickly



That’s what I figured

I find myself liking Mitch and Cliff, just not in their current roles. I think Mitch has so much knowledge and experience, that he should be kept around in some capacity. Likewise, Cliff, though sadly I can’t see a scenario where he would agree to come back here as a No.2. I’d be very happy if he would though.


I respect both MK and SC. To hang around the game as long as they have says something about their abilities and knowledge. However, I think it’s time for a fresh start. With the new ownership, now is the perfect time for a fresh vision and direction in the FO and coaching staff. If for no other reason than to remove any connection to the past that has been so bad.

I don’t think Mitch would’ve done these moves without a great deal of pressure from the new ownership. He hasn’t made the necessary moves up until this point, and has done a wide range of nothing including: repeatedly refusing to bring in another center or a real back up PG. And the list could go on.

I’d be careful in providing Mitch too much praise or credit for having made these moves.

This smells like a highly motivated new ownership. I’m not bashing Mitch, but I’m just hesitant to give him too much credit on these moves.

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