22 , 23 fantasy basketball interest

It is early but how much Fantasy basketball instrest do we have. Guys are you still good to start and run the league again this year?
Thoughts on what kind of draft and rules. Any thoughts to make it a better league.
People who has instrest to see if we can make it a larger league. Let us know your name and ideas about the league .

I’m good to do it again this year. I remember certain things i wanted to change but I can’t remember what changes those were now. Haha

I was the Cape Fear Tortoise Toes last year.

CAPE FEAR, I take it your from Fayetteville?

I’m out. I just lost interest after a while. Y’all have fun though.

The COVID era was horrible for fantasy basketball. I got so tired of dealing with COVID players and just gave up. I gave up on a lot of stuff last year around that time…

The league was my idea and I fell off. I’ll join one, I just don’t want to run it. I’m sure it’ll be completely better now that we’re out of COVID.

If y’all do a 9 category league, I’m in.

I am in if we can get a comish . But like others covid hurt it bad . Powell you did fine last year.

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I’m in Wilmington.

9 category makes it all the more challenging and requires more strategizing!

Snake draft again please to save time and if you draft 9th or 10th those are the breaks. It’s all in the luck of the draw.

My only complaint is the guys who take the risky strategy of drafting injured guys high (like Zion) and do a massive player dump to make the playoffs three weeks out.

Two guys made it to the finals using that strategy. Not cool.

We should allow only 2 or 3 player adds a week.

I’m out. I couldn’t conjure up much interest last year and certainly don’t feel anything for the upcoming one.

I don’t know man. I was one of those guys who drafted all the injured guys. I used it to my advantage. However, it killed me for most of the season and I was lucky to get into the playoffs.

But I’d say… maybe less IR spots, to prevent that from happening. But if those spots are there, it is a good strategy to use them.

I’m in not sure what my team name last year was though

I am good either way . It don’t seam like much instrest. If someone takes the ball and puts things together . I will play . If not it’s all good.

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Yeah this down off season is killing the mood for anything basketball related. That is terrible and the exact opposite of how I felt about the team last year. I worry A LOT about sending the wrong message to Melo about our ability to win.

With that said, fantasy might be a good distraction if this season is a “win the lottery” kinda season. I can tell you now that watching and reading loss after loss the entire season is a scary thought. Fantasy might help to numb the pain.

Having 3 IR spots is a big lure to take on that risky strategy. Heck I used it over a long term and it didn’t help. Yeah maybe going down to 2 IR spots will help even out the lumpy parts.

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The additional spot was only there to accommodate COVID players. It was a situational roster move, but would not be needed this year

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Okay yeah it makes sense to have the extra (3rd) IR spot in light of COVID. I still think that the NBA should add two additional roster spots to give the players more a break during the season.

Who’s gonna gamble and draft


I am up to play again. I was Da White Howard.

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The killer

So who is the comish? Dav7z i am in if we have a league.