Playoffs or No Playoffs boys?

I say we go for it. I think we could be the best of the rest.

If they do the play in tourney, let’s do it.

Hardly a reason to ask, if it’s an option MJ will go for it.

I’m torn though it’s the much better option for us long term to not be in the playoffs, but it’d be hard for me to not want to see the guys out there fighting for something

Jordan was outspoken against meaningless games. Now they said it was for teams who were 6 games out or less. Are we in or out, now I’m hearing the Top 22?

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If it’s the top 22 total we’re out but if it’s both conferences top 11 we’d be in. I’ve seen talk for both online, just completely too 22 or play in tournaments for each conference

I would normally not be in favor of us playing what seems like useless games but if this allows them to get more floor time together (rather than not playing for nearly a year by the time they project a season start for 20-21) then I think it’s all good provided they can make it a safe (health-wise) environment for the players. Health would be the A#1 issue overall - if there’s any sense that this is premature regarding securing their wellbeing, I’m a hell no.

22 teams getting in.

As it seems none of them will be wearing purple and teal :frowning:

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Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

Looks like in the new version of the 2020 season, we missed continuing on by 1.5 games lol. So even in a season where we weren’t going to make the playoffs, we miss them by 1 or 2 games HAHA. The curse lives on.

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Forget these mother assholes

That’s all I have to say

Screw that assbag Silver and this decision. The smaller markets should defect and start their own league and that will be my paid advice to this franchise.


Of course we are the last team left out… of course.

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No Hornets basketball until Christmas, yikes

How will I survive without my dose of pain

I needed that little slice of hope to hold on to, so they could rip my heart out again. Haha

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So the playoff field is expanded to 22 teams but the hornets still don’t get in and of all the non-playoff teams, they get the fewest balls in the lottery. Why am I not surprised?

According to Shams MJ was one of the main owners advocating for players not to return

This is the way.


Winning % will determine lottery odds .So teams 16 through 22 will get killed . Killing their winning % and giving us a later pick in the draft.