Play-In Tournament Talk

So I had to look up how this thing works:

Seed 7 hosts Seed 8 - Winner of that game gets the #7 seed.

Seed 9 hosts Seed 10 - Winner of that game moves on to play at the Seed 7/8 loser. Loser of Seed 9/10 game is OUT.

Loser of 7/8 hosts winner of 9/10 - Winner is Seed #8, loser is OUT

So it’s important we stay at least at 8 to have two shots of making the regular playoffs. Good thing we have the tiebreaker over Indiana, that is BIG.

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As someone that struggles with, or moreso, always seeks how to make a graphic show a flow or activity, this NBA diagram is a fantastic visualization.


Well I guess fancy technology works too. Lol

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Still 8th. Do you think we can hang on for 2 chances at a playoff spot? I don’t see us doing that if we can’t win at least 4 of the last 7 games. Miles being out is just unfortunate. Hope Gordon can go back in the final 2 games so he’s already adjusted come play-in time.

Mostly depends on what Boston does. One game they are trash, next game they have 2 superstars

Looking more likely that we have to finish with at least 35/36 wins to go 8th, which makes tomorrow a MUST WIN. God thing we hold tie breakers on both teams.