2021-2022 Hornets Season Predictions

How’s the confidence for folks this year? We a playoff team? Play-in team? On the outside looking in team?


Bet it all

Optimistic: 43-39 8th seed
Realistic: 40-42 9th/10th seed
Pessimistic: 36-46 11th seed

In reality, I think we are a 44-38 team and 6th seed

For some reason I feel like this will be a bad season, I can’t figure out why.

My girlfriend who doesn’t know a single player said we’d win 52 games

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I try to be optimistic but kind of the same feeling for me. I don’t really know how to evaluate if we really improved or not. I’ll just try to enjoy the games regardless. If we suck or not, at least Hornets basketball is back.


32-37 wins

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37 sounds right to me

All I’m seeing is darkness, I need Xanax.

Seriously though this could be a rough start. We’re awful at rebounding, we’re awful at defending (our “switching” defense is a joke right? I mean they liked leaving Ish Smith guarding Adams in the paint so much that they kept going back to it.).

Granted Oubre and Martin are thought of as good defenders but they’ll be simply out-gunned. NBA competition is not kind.

Can Ish Smith drive into the paint? Sure. What then? Can Bouk create? Sure. Can he make a shot beyond 15 feet? Not yet. Can anyone off the bench spread the floor? Nope. No one.

We do have 5 guys who can shoot it reasonably well outside the paint; but 4 are starters while coach wastes the fifth playing backup Center. We have no one who can come off the bench and trust to nail a three, maybe Cody Martin.

As our starters succumb to various protocols and ankles and lord knows what else….thoughts and prayers for a healthy time-managed season. Yeah.

Something feels off in Mudville. 34 wins and we miss the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong.

After that pessimism, I do love our core 5 of LaMelo, Miles, Terry, PJ and Hayward. We’re three pieces away. A 5 and 2 bench players we can trust to make 3’s. But those are 3 pieces that are essential. I just hope our core group can play thru the season positively. It could be rough.

Apologies to Ish Smith. Awesome game dude, welcome to the Hornets.

After last night I think we can go 45 and 37. If we can stay[ some what healthy] . But i think coach has to keep 1or 2 of these on the floor at all times Ball, Bridges, Hayward, Terry