2022-23 Predictions Thread

Time for us chumps to be bold in life and put forth our most fearless predictions. Grand Prize is getting to point back at this thread to show everyone how smart you are and get all those cool internet points you truly crave.

Predict anything. Good, bad, whatever. I normally am on the optimistic side of Hornet wins, but I don’t see it this year. And a lot depends on if we showcase Gordon and Terry to trade at the deadline, or if someone gets hurt.

I’m feeling in the 25-57 range. I can see us stick close but constantly falling short. If Melo is healthy, I think he gets back in the All-star game. I think Thor will become a rotational piece. And I will boldly predict that we will win the lottery to complete the prophecy of Melo and Vic ruling the league for the 2nd half of the decade.

But I also predict an apocalyptic event at some point in 2023, so the prophecy might not be realized in this universe.

I had thought 35 wins was about right prior to the Ball injury. I am downgrading that to 29 wins as i fear his initial absence and reinsertion in a first year with a new coach situation is going to be tough to manage.

Holding out hope that 29 wins is bottom 4 but think it’s probably far better in the year of our tank lord 2023.

26 wins and 3rd pick in the draft…. And we take Nick Smith Jr

Try Replace Miles, IT, Harrell,& JB with
Bouknight, Denis Smith, one of the baby bigs, & Cliff.

Top of roster competitive and a healthy team still could see Cliff scrounging together another 36 win season.

But back half of roster bad.
Ball? & eventually Gordon and other injuries over 82 game season and we are looking at 26 wins at most, #6 pick

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21 wins.

Misery and pain

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I am going with29 wins . 3rd pick in the draft.

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I predict lots of complaining (crying) about Clifford on this board. I also predict irrational and just crazy assertions that Bouknight and Kia would rescue the team if only Cliff would let them play.* I predict more of the same “greatest hits” over the summer all season long w very little (or zero) realistic introspection or recognition of the miserable hand we were dealt by the basketball gods. All indications to me are that management and leadership did the best they could with monumental tough breaks all summer long.

*Reality is that all of our 1st and 2nd year players would lead us to a 0 wins season because they are not men yet.

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28 wins. Hayward misses 40 games. No trades at the deadline. Miss the play-in. Top five pick. Gonna be a long season.

Interested and Healthy Hayward - 41 wins and 8th seed
Injured Hayward - 25 wins and 5th pick

He is that Important to this team unfortunately

33.33 wins. Book it!

24 wins. We get the 2nd pick in the draft. Henderson becomes the 2nd coming of MKG.

27 wins … #3 pick

Negativity turns into predicted disaster. Man, we are a sad but realistic lot. Why do we continue to do this?

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Sounding like the Bridges news that is coming next week is not good for him. LA DA not backing down.

Hahahahaha man smh

The state of California lets anyone do just about anything. It’s shameful.

If you ever wanted proof we are cursed…

We present, the one guy, (who most likely deserves to be buried under the jail) and they’re going to find religion.

Goodness …

He allegedly deserves what he is getting but…

Hornets! !!

As usual - this is the God knows truth but nobody wants to read it - nobody. We desperately need our vets! Do we really want to suffer through a 10 to 20 win season for a CHANCE to get Victor?



30 wins and 9th pick

9th pick sounds about right. Could get some trade value later in the draft with a pick such as this.

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