2023-24 Number of wins prediction thread

28 wins

curse you 20 char limit



Duct tape.

72 just like the 1995 bulls


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I think the Wizards may be the only team worse than us. It didn’t have to be this way. I had higher hopes last spring, but a summer of inactivity has left us in dire straights.

28 wins. Here we go again. First challenge tomorrow against a very deep Hawks team.

Will hope for inspiration.

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+/- 1 win for creativeness around constraints

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Just thinking about launching our annual crystal ball thread. Just about everyone was spot on last years predictions for utter ruin, don’t know if anyone had over 30 wins.

My optimistic side pre mental/knee/windshield break of various Horneteers, I was thinking low 40s with the addition of 2 competent wings, an improving superstar and big man, and un-snake bitten health.

Now that the curse has hit us 2 years in a row… I still feel they can get close to the upper 30’s. Ok, let me be sunny side up, i predict a leap in Melo an Mark, and a nice starting group to get us to 39-43. The bench is gonna cost us at least 10 wins, but I’ll go best case scenario until its proven wrong.

I think we can reach the high thirty’s with good coaching and subs . Miller could play shooting guard. behind Terry, Melo. Hayward at s/f 12 mins at each position gives Miller 36 per game
Thor at the back up four and Richards at the five. Makes for a eight man roration

I’m going with 42 wins. We finish above .500. It’s not as bad as it seems. We’re gonna be ok.

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My problem is I don’t have faith in PJ or Terry to be consistent. PJ can’t compete with the premium bigs in the league. I don’t have faith that Richards, Thor and McGowens are worthwhile subs. We don’t have a credible backup PG. I think the silence regarding Martin’s situation is borderline cruel to fans. Miller is a rookie that will need time.

Believe it or not, I’m going into the season hoping for surprises. But I’ve gone into many, many season’s like that and admittedly I’m kind of worn out.

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But I could see us getting 40+ wins if things break right for us

I have absolutely no confidence in it. Could have easily said 28 but I’m tired of pessimism being proven right on a yearly basis.


I’m afraid the Bridges deal is going to hang over the team like a storm cloud all year. Distraction! And injuries. Starting the season with guys that should be counted on injured. But, Go Hornets!

I think I got it spot on last season! Not so humble brag, bit it was a lightning strike of a prediction.

This time around … 37, which will match Miller’s 3 point % for the season.

If everything goes right: 44

If things are par for course: 38

If things go south again: 28

My vote: 38. Mark Williams will make the leap, "It's Miller Time!" won’t be particularly good, but he’ll be okay. If and only if he can hit threes. Team has no depth and continues to deal with an injury riddled roster that isn’t as good as the delusional front office thinks they are.

Kupchak thinks over 43. Alrighty then!

“We won 43 games two years ago. I think we’re a better team now than we were two years ago. Now, I don’t know about the rest of the Eastern Conference, but I’d like to think we’d be in the hunt for something.”


He’s dilisional

Hey chef, am I delusional? Did I take a hit to the head? Is that why I said 38 wins?

Healthy Superstar Mello> Mello 2 years ago
Mark, Miller > Plumlee, Oubre
Reserves Nick, JT better

But staying at 36, Mitch maybe all in with but not counting on or wanting beater Bridges around.

Not betting on Cody not being crippled or Hayward to final finishing season.