2023-24 Number of wins prediction thread

I’m going with 37, my heart wants higher, my brain wants lower

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Another prediction:

MK record as Hornets gm:
18-19: 39-43 9th in EC
19:20: 23-42 10th
20-21: 33-39 10th
21-22: 43-39 10th
22-23: 27-55 14th

This will be his 6th season as GM. Barring a big improvement, he’ll be out. I can’t see paying billions for something and accepting below mediocrity performance of the product. I fully expect a house cleaning. Possible MK could be out before seasons end.

We can only hope

You’re a fan that is to be expected. He is a professional basketball evaluator. He he thinks this team is as good as two seasons ago, he’s delusional

Ah that’s right. I hadn’t thought about it that way. You make a strong argument.

If Bridges plays I think we win 40 games or so but if he doesnt it may take away 5-7 wins if not more.

And this is with forgetting that Cody Martin exists

Yeah, I agree that it depends on whether or not Miles is with the team. Not getting into a discussion of whether or not he should be, but if he does play, we’re definitely a better team. With him 41-41. Without him, 36-46.

48 wins! Hell…. Haha

Anyone have any bold predictions this year for the league? east or west.

I have the Thunder finishing 4th in the west. And the Knicks finishing 3rd or 4th in the east.