Hornets Planet Fantasy League 2023/2024

Come One Come All!

Want a way to enjoy NBA basketball without worrying about the home team making the playoffs? Want to nerd out over league wide individual player stats? Want to prove that you are better at building a monster team than Mitch?

Then fantasy basketball is for you!

In all seriousness, we need more mangers! It doesn’t matter if you are new to fantasy sports you can still join! The league is free but you will need a free Yahoo account. Just follow the link below:

Please feel free to share the above link w friends.

To the previous managers, you should have received an emailed message from me about 2 weeks ago. I was not voted off the island and I will try to be quality commissioner.

I am thinking that the draft will either be on the 23rd or 24th at 8 pm. Just tell me if you have a preference and I will go with the preference w the most votes. FOR NOW - Lets assume a draft date of the 24th - the day before the season starts. I won’t make the draft live just yet because I want to give a few days (until Monday?) for voting.

If you can’t make the selected draft date then PLEASE rank players in order of preference to auto draft. I would rank player 120 to 150 deep to make sure that you get a good team. It’s a good idea to rank players just in case you forget about the draft - it happens!

Board Note: I will artificially prop this post up to ensure that it’s seen. I am not trying to be a rear end and I will stop once the draft is done.

Last note: I am currently team managing under the name James Berrgo on the Yahoo site. I will probably change my name to Steve Clifford when the season starts - unless someone snags that moniker.

Thanks for your time and attention!

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am I in if so I will try again this year. Please let me know . All so when is the draft and is it a snake draft or a auction draft. Can you send me another link . Don’t think I got the first one thanks

Sent you a private message through HP Dav. Thanks

Hey the season Starts on the 24th! So let’s assume an Oct 23rd draft date at 8pm eastern unless a bunch of you want it on the 22nd.

Sorry about the confusion.

Done! Draft set for October 23rd at 8pm.*

There is still time to join! Just use the above link and your Yahoo email account!

Want to build a young guns dream team: Scoot Henderson, Cade Cunningham, Scottie Barnes, Chet and Wemby? How about an old man winter team: Chris Paul, Caldwell-Pope, LBJ, Derrick Favors and Robin Lopez.

The choice is yours!

*This date was picked to give folks as much time as possible to make up their minds about joining.

Sorry guys, I’ve dropped out. I don’t have any interest in doing this again. If you get down to needing one team, then let me know, but I likely won’t be participating. I’m just not feeling it at all this time.

I’m just pissed that you beat me last year NCBORN. Just kidding!!! Really I’ve moved on…

I’d be down

Absolutely sad to see you go. Read your post last night and decided to sleep on it. I remembered when you joined last year - you came swooping down on some kind of mechanical hornet or something. That’s how you make an entrance!

Thanks for participating and offering. A daily fantasy league is a beast. It is possible to cut it back to checking 3 or 4 times a week but that’s when the injuries, resting and DNP Coach decisions might bite you.

Again thanks!

Even w GW MVP playing I think we are down to 7. Again, come one come all! If you are new - well you likely won’t win (we’ve got some competitive dudes) but it would a new experience!

Thanks. It was fun. I mucked-up the draft but once play started realized I could make up to 4 transactions a week. So I basically did. I kept subbing my marginal guys out based on who seemed hot and how many games they had left to play. It kind of worked. Won more weeks than I ever thought I would.

Anyway, me and fantasy basketball go back to pre-internet days when I’d be running to the the newspaper box (remember those?) for each morning’s USA Today.

I got an idea from a fantasy basketball magazine (remember those?) “How to Play Fantasy Basketball” Ha! and set up a head-to-head Keeper League using Excel Visual Basic. I think I still have it on a floppy disk somewhere.

My goodness, I’ve got old box score print outs with guys like Charles Barkley on them.

We played that for like 15 years. We used 4 year contracts, 2nd year RFAs and a salary cap on each team. Our yearly “auctions” were highly anticipated social events. I kind of miss those.

Yeah man you were really in to it! If you had taken your idea public, you would have made millions . But limited resources and a lack of connections has killed many good ideas.

I was a box score junky and started playing fantasy during the Chris Webber, Juan Howard, George Muresan era in DC. Shaquille was still in Orlando back then and it was right around the time that fantasy went online per the internet.

We need one more manager to hold our draft!

We have 7 and need an 8th to meet the minimum. Managers feel free to solicit people for the league. Send them the link.


I thought about it many times. NBA licensing always held me back. That and available time.

I could still do it lol. There’s nothing like it out there.


For the love of all things good, rank your players in case you forget or can’t make it.

We have achieved critical mass w 8 players. Thanks to everyone who offered to assist!

If you want to join - feel free! You have until 7:50 tonight. Just use the Yahoo link above!

Who will get Wemby, Chet or The Joker?


You should be able to see your draft position about 10 minutes before the start.

If you get a low draft position, you have to make up for it by reaching for dudes you normally would not reach for. That is the best way I know to make up for a poor draft position. Last year, I believed that I drafted second from last - if I am remembering that correctly.


The draft results are in! Feel free to nit pick, cast doubts and second guess!


I will be signing off from the board today until April of next year when the season ends. If all goes well, I won’t return until June when the Hornets win it all! Hails to the ya yeah!

If you need to contact me, use the Yahoo fantasy site to message/email me or use my email address. I compete under the Steve Clifford moniker. Feel free to make the subject line ALL CAPS to ensure that I see your message. I will be sending a league wide message w my contact email information via yahoo tonight.

Just a few details. We had three people join and one returnee. The guy who returned has a platinum rating. The newer people were rated at diamond, platinum and gold levels. If you are at the bronze or silver level and you manage to move up this year then you would have gone through hell to get your strips. Over all our league is rated gold meaning the competition is tough!

I am wishing everyone well but it’s a competition so there can only be one winner!


Taking trade offers on James Harden

MVP that was a very fair offer for Atton but I need him bad as one of my bigs

Wow I won by just 2 assists

Is anyone interested in G Hayward . I am not expecting a big return for him . I just want him on one of our rosters.