21/22 Fantasy Basketball

I put this hear now to discuss if we are going to have a team . What kind Snake or 200 buy . Some said they would want some changes . Such as how its scored.
Me i like keeping it simple . Just doing the main categories . 2 point. 3 point. ft, rebounds, , off rebounds , steals, turnovers, with a point value for each . Head to head each week.

If we do this I would like for us to get it together early . Interested people number of teams etc
Thanks to you guys for doing this last year I had a ton of fun and hope you could do it again.

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As the reigning champion, I feel that everything was obviously perfect and I was able to really capitalize. I’ll accept my trophy at a later date.

But actually though, I would love to see a switch to a 9 cat scoring format. I don’t necessarily dislike the auction draft format, but I do love a good snake draft. So I’ll defer to the group on what to do with the draft format. Had a great time last year.

Is it not all ready a 7 cat format. Or what format is it? Me i love the auction draft , in a snake draft position determines a lot. Auction seams more fair. Most punt fg% and shooting% it takes a lot more time. I think that’s the only thing missing in our format BUT not sure.

If there is a spot available, I’d be down to join.

Down to joining again

Down to take some losses again

MVP was you and Eastley over it last season . Or do you know who was over it?

I was only a second to GW. I believe he ran it fully. I’m in but more in the tell me where to go and I’ll play. I have zero opinions other than you should be able to update daily vs weekly.

Hey DNBman, remember the MML? lol

I was the commish but I have no idea how like the league randomly was given to me by whoever ran it last time I never actually asked for it lol

I am good with the way it is. You guys did a good job last year. Eastly had a problem with it not changing daily . But i could change things everyday the day be for . MVP will you run it again for us?
Could be Powellump could help you in any changes if we make any?

You had a lot of trust in me!

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So MVP are you good to do it again?

So who would be in so teams are not rushed this year. I will try to help out and keep all names together. Max would be 14 I think
2 Powellrmp
3 Dav7z
4 Mich Mercer
5 hornets PH
6 Eastley

Think I’d rather transfer it just because I’m not super familiar with fantasy rules so someone who is would be better

I’ll 100% be in it though

Any one willing to be the commissioner . I know nothing about computers . If not I don’t have no idea what we can do.
EDIT MVP you did a great job last season. Hope you reconsider

So what site is this played on?

Yahoo usually

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so the format last year was a straight up points scoring format. I would strongly urge the group to consider changing from points scoring to 9 cat scoring. And keep the head to head weekly matchup style. Edit: There’s the “roto” style of 9 cat where all the teams essentially compete against each other every week, and get points for how they stack up at the end of the week in categories versus everyone elses’ teams. But I think the can sometimes make the league kinda top heavy and it’s more engaging to play an opponent each week.

9 cat scoring format is where you play an opponent and the win is based on categories (instead of cumulative points based on stats. I played in a head to head 9 category league last year and it was a blast. I think it was shooting %, FT% threes made, points, steals, blocks, turnovers, assists, rebounds.

So for example, if our teams played head to head that week and I won 5 categories and you won 4 categories, those would translate to your overall record. So that week, I would be 5-4 and your team would be 4-5.

This 9 cat format requires decision making and strategies. Points scoring format is I think, too straight forward, there’s not a ton of strategy, people are less engaged, and trading is less common. 9 cat leagues, there’s more trading and positioning for free agents based on everyone’s different team needs.

I think the big example is trades. In points scoring leagues, trades are less common because the type of stats players put up doesn’t really matter at the end of the day…so trades are really simple and don’t happen as much. Either a trade will net you more points, or it won’t.

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sorry for all the edits. sometimes it takes me a few tries to communicate what i’m thinking haha, but i think i finally got it right.

anyways, I’d really encourage people to consider doing 9 cat this year.

Powell you wanna be commish?