21/22 Fantasy Basketball

I put this hear now to discuss if we are going to have a team . What kind Snake or 200 buy . Some said they would want some changes . Such as how its scored.
Me i like keeping it simple . Just doing the main categories . 2 point. 3 point. ft, rebounds, , off rebounds , steals, turnovers, with a point value for each . Head to head each week.

If we do this I would like for us to get it together early . Interested people number of teams etc
Thanks to you guys for doing this last year I had a ton of fun and hope you could do it again.

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As the reigning champion, I feel that everything was obviously perfect and I was able to really capitalize. I’ll accept my trophy at a later date.

But actually though, I would love to see a switch to a 9 cat scoring format. I don’t necessarily dislike the auction draft format, but I do love a good snake draft. So I’ll defer to the group on what to do with the draft format. Had a great time last year.

Is it not all ready a 7 cat format. Or what format is it? Me i love the auction draft , in a snake draft position determines a lot. Auction seams more fair. Most punt fg% and shooting% it takes a lot more time. I think that’s the only thing missing in our format BUT not sure.

If there is a spot available, I’d be down to join.

Down to joining again

Down to take some losses again

MVP was you and Eastley over it last season . Or do you know who was over it?

I was only a second to GW. I believe he ran it fully. I’m in but more in the tell me where to go and I’ll play. I have zero opinions other than you should be able to update daily vs weekly.

Hey DNBman, remember the MML? lol

I was the commish but I have no idea how like the league randomly was given to me by whoever ran it last time I never actually asked for it lol

I am good with the way it is. You guys did a good job last year. Eastly had a problem with it not changing daily . But i could change things everyday the day be for . MVP will you run it again for us?
Could be Powellump could help you in any changes if we make any?

You had a lot of trust in me!

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So MVP are you good to do it again?

So who would be in so teams are not rushed this year. I will try to help out and keep all names together. Max would be 14 I think
2 Powellrmp
3 Dav7z
4 Mich Mercer
5 hornets PH
6 Eastley