Hornets Planet Fantasy League 2021

Are we gonna have the fantasy league this year?

I’m in 20,000 characters

I’m game but can’t recall if I set it up last year or you did GW.

You did

(20 characters)

Who was/is “The Fat Frenchman?” That looks like the league creator. I am not sure I can restart it in my role. Also, we’ll need to either drop 1 or add 1.

I was the fat frenchman that’s weird,

I’m game to play. Never played fantasy bball. I’m actually having my first draft tomorrow morning for a friends league I’m joining.

I’m in again (Da White Howard).

Can join if you still need 1 more team :v:t3:

@GeraldWallaceMVP kick it back off if you can.

It’s weird because I definitely didn’t run it but will check

Alright, I think I got it set up

If anyone’s interested reply below. What’s a good draft day for everyone?

Thanks GW. I am good any day. Only bad time is 8pm

There’s a spot for you

I’m down again Trey go hornets

Thanks! Can you link me up
the league url or just the league name so I can look for it :slight_smile:

Let’s go Hornets! (From probably one of the few Hornets fans in the Philippines :sweat_smile:)

Check your messages it should be in there

From what I can tell right now

Adam (Ziggy) - Docker Swarm
Me - Batum’s Stretch
GB24 - Trey
ScBobcat aka the Reigning Champ - Da White Howard
Powell - No Team Yet
Hornetsph - No Team Yet

Im in for sure! Keep me posted.

put me in if still possible