2021-22 Hornets Season Thread

Strangely, Charlotte Hornets content on this Lowe pod and that’s not something one can normally say. Starting around the 42 minute mark, it’s a significant bet on Hornets success by JVG (which is strangely cool). They might say more about us but I got to conserve time so skipping ahead in 15s increments (speedcasting?) to scan for Hornets’ talk.

[Charlotte’s talent] is every bit what the Knicks and the Bulls have


Okay, I’m ready for the team from the first 5 games. Wake me when that hornets team comes back.

Same. I hate us.

At least we draw a crowd

Schedule quirk: we would have already finished 13 of 15 west coast away games by end of the year. Last 2: @Min Feb and @NOP Mar. So at least some silver lining there (or is it?)

Trade for mo bamba.

Saturation bombing

Nice technique

Chef, the momentum for the bamba acquisition has to start somewhere. Why not here on HP?

I’m sure Hornets top brass reads this forum daily for ideas and feedback anyways. Of course.


Going for the Cam Newton Panthers technique

Off topic: is that Cam comeback a super big deal there in Charlotte/Carolinas? Like everyone’s very receptive to it?

Yes, it’s been a huge thing online. Most Panthers fans are really excited. However there’s always been a contingent of Panthers fans who never liked Cam so there’s a few against it

Bouknight has played 8 total minutes so far this season. That’s an absolute fucking joke.

Yeah I know, JB’s meritocracy of “you gotta earn it” and JB’s notorious dog house. And young players having short leashes, I know it guys.

But he was a guy who has the talent to have been picked around #5-7 and he can absolutely score it.

Cmon man, really JB? I think JB can be a little to rigid sometimes, and it’s really frustrating. I’m not saying Bouknight should be a big part of the rotation or 6th man by any means, but we can’t find him more than 8 total minutes so far?

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Theoretically, whose minutes will he cut into?

Martin or Oubre.

I’m not talking needing to play 15-20 minutes a game. Even if it’s at least a few minutes per game. I’ll never understand taking a guy that high in the draft and not playing him.

If JB is intent on Bouknight not play, just send him to Greensboro.

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Isn’t that what the FO did today?

He’s gonna get Monked. I can feel it deep down in my balls.


I’m thinking it’s still very early in Hornet town. Now if he’s not getting run around New Years, I’d imagine something is seriously lacking during practices, or Cody is playing out of his mind.

But I think they are playing out the upper classmen first and just like Ish slipped and has been relegated out of the line up, it could happen with Cody and in walks James. At least that’s what I’ve convinced myself.

Called him back up

Yep, exactly what I’m worried about.

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I have the same PTSD from Monk.

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