Please win vs the Heat

I’m asking for my sanity please win Hornets

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Hard to win with JB.

Melo fans really hate JB, that DKM guy whose like the leader of the Melo fanbase really hates Charlotte in general.

JB has his strengths and weakness but overall he’s doing a good job in Charlotte imo.

I think some CLT fans really enjoy hovering around .500. Praising players like Monk, and coaches like JB. I think the team has much more potential, and has nothing to do with Melo. Great potential in the younglings.

Started the first and ended the second pretty good. Middle was bit rough. Not sure about that lineup first part of the second quarter. Don’t want to see it again. Overall, not a bad first half.

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I hundred percent agree with the comment on that lineup therefore my comment on JB. I think those type of calls cost Charlotte to lose the close games.

Well everything is not going well :smiling_face_with_tear:

Scapegoat Lamelo

Somebody hit a shot

Another quarter where we do absolutely nothing… year after year same day thing.

Our best offensive player got benched this quarter for missing 3 3s. Imagine actually pretty tired of seeing it

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Serious question… is JB really a good coach?

He is very good, just ask GeraldWallace /s
Game after game, he puts in some weird combination of players and gets the team to a handicap. Doesn’t even play most of his players in rotation unless the game is already chalked.

Well no trade ain’t gonna fix this shit. The past week has been a masterclass of how to get fired for JB.


A lot of this effort, which makes it so frustrating. We look so good and then…. So so bad.

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Also fucking frustrating how Melo has a short lease when he makes mistakes. Like wtf. And i’m not even a Melo stan. Not even in to start the 4th.

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Agreed… he’s like that with certain guys, and I’ve always hated that. Can’t believe we finally gave Richards a shot

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What happened with Bouknight? Looked like he got into it with one of the coaches right before 4th quarter? They ushered him to the lockerroom

Frustrating, really.

I would love to see more of Bouk and Nick. Wouldn’t mind to see Ish more often either.