Will the Hornets win another game this season, Cavs thread

Game thread. Not much to say… I hope the guys try tonight.

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Will I watch…shit I guess so. But it’s background noise now for my own health. Lol


haha same same. pain!

We are getting a tough whistle, I know, nothing new. Lamelo gets called for mostly touch fouls

Also, good minutes for IT even though he didn’t make a shot

Anyone excited? Lol

That 4th foul on Lamelo was such a shit call

JB Bickerstaff got his money’s worth. Same fire his dad had while he led our Bobcats to many losses. Lol


We really gonna try to sit Lamelo the distance?

Shit man IT is cooking right now. But Melo has 4 fouls too

You get 6 fouls and they can play together if they have to

That was predictable. We don’t believe in protecting and building on a lead.

Just want to point out that Garland is cooking us and Lamelo, our all star, is benched. 7:24 left in the 4th.

Hard to criticize up 17 brother. But you got it

Its not about criticism, it is about pointing out that NO player of Lamelo’s caliber is on this tight of leash. In my opinion it is too tight and we risk changing what makes Lamelo Lamelo, which is concerning.

You risk pissing him off

He’s happy as hell and engaged on the bench cheering his teammates on. He’s not some selfish egotistical 20 year old kid. He’s a team player and a future leader of our franchise. Give him more credit than that.


He had a bad game and he knew it. It didn’t seam to bother him at all. He’s looked bad the last few games like he’s hit that freshman wall. He will be ok . Terry looked tonight like this is his team . That might true. Bridges is our best all around player right now . I think Melo will clean some things up and be our long term star. But right now they should fall in line behind Terry’s leadership. Molo will take that role in a year or two. JB needs to trust Thor more. PJ plays a lot better at PF. Trez and Plums seam to be able to hold the fort a little better. Miles is a better sf than a pf.

Has the world heard anything about our million dollar a game man . They should at least keep us informed . It really pissed me off last year keeping us in the dark . Starting to look like a repeat this year.


I wouldn’t expect Hayward until right before the play in honestly

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Jalen is the one that’s shocking me, he must have had the ankle sprain from hell


agreed . Jalen has never had a ankle sprain i read somewhere. It must have been bad