Buzz Boys vs Detroit part 2

Despite the injuries I hope we can somehow win this game.

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Man I miss Miles lmaoo

I know

He has become my favorite player

We are going to be a top 4 team next year

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Phoenix is in a close battle against Cleveland. I have noticed that a lot of games between playoff bound teams and lottery teams are close. It does not appear anybody is tanking.

Of coarse we are much more injured than the Phoenix Suns are against the Cavs.

Rozier is struggling now when we need him most.

Lamelo guide us to the promised land!

Tough game. I hate things being this intense.

Lamelo good at basketball

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Big win. Glad to secure this one.

I love how Lamelo was so excited to take those free throws at the end. It was such a difference from Killian LOL

LaMelo was really impressive. That was a hard fought game and well earned. I don’t necessarily understand the Biz over Cody minutes in the fourth quarter after we got past the 5th foul concern line. But really good stuff.

Honestly I thought Carey looked good when he played but don’t tell Borrego I said that

I thought VCJ gave us excellent break glass minutes tonight. In a video game sense, I wanted to see more of that. But with what we have as a losing grip on 6th/7th and only 1.5 games up on 9th, I think he just represented too much inexperience on the court. And…if he represented an immediate cost being out there and coach pulls him after 2mins, that’s probably more damaging than beneficial. I like his promise but think his time is next year and beyond.

Man, we really need Terry to get back to being Terry, especially with so many guys down. He still managed to make some big shots but has been missing open shots of late that he’s made all year.

With the exception of the frustration foul at the end, LaMelo was rock solid down the stretch. He definitely has that ‘it’ factor. It reminds me of back when it became apparent that we had something special in Baron Davis. Gonna be fun watching him grow up.

Also, I think Caleb and Brad deserve a big shout out. We don’t win that game without both of those guys stepping up. Jalen too.