The Fake Hornets vs the Real Hornets

Feels like a must win

Big game for sure

Terry needs to step up

we really need this game to lock in a play in spot. I miss Bridges more than any plyer that’s missed time all season.

I think the pelicans are also hampered by injuries. Gonna get this one fellas.

Sounds like Monk is going to be a scratch, don’t have much confidence here tonight

Which one is fake and which one is real. Lol.

HUGE game for us especially if Boston loses.

Honestly every game is huge at this point. At least we don’t have to defend Zion.

Need to get Lonzo out of the game early, he has been really dynamic for them on both ends

As much as we have dealt with injuries I think it has to have taken it’s toll on team chemistry.

Terry wants playoff basketball.

On a side note, it appears the NY Knicks are going to be a tough out in the playoffs.

Injury gods be kind.


It may not matter if we can’t win tonight.

Yikes Pelicans explosion

If they shut down Terry Rozier than it could be game over for us. Nobody else seems to be a real threat tonight.

Time for JB to earn his money. Let’s see what he’s got.

We are not playing our best basketball when we need to be.

The Nuggets will beat us like a drum.

Brutal loss there; DVR screwed up so only saw about 15 total minutes. Seems we could really use either Miles or Gordon back.

I worry that even if we are completely healthy the injuries for so long will mess up our team chemistry.

Yeah we’re a totally different team without one of those two playing