Let’s crush the lakers on national television

There’s a lot of small things that I’m seeing tonight that I like. Once we woke up and stopped falling apart.

I love the speed ish plays at. Really fast. He’s the perfect energy third point guard. Come in for 10 minutes and play blazing fast. Perfect.

Some nice instances of good positioning by Plumlee to grab the board and draw fouls. Or keep the ball alive for someone else to grab. You won’t see some of those in the box score or +-

Anytime I see miles bridges drive and muscle his way to the rim I always scream WEIGHT ROOM SON!!

I’m probably the lowest here on PJ Washington and there’s not really anything you can tell me to feel otherwise. His three isn’t really falling, but the stroke at least looks a little better.

LOL the refs trying to get the Lakers back into the game with the 3 second calls on plumlee. The second one was BS. Plumlee checked his foot out of the lane and they still called him. JB should stick up for his guys and review that shit.

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Cody Martin said “no thanks” to that weak shit by Westbrook.

Westbrook is hot garbage.

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The down the floor pass from plumlee to bridges was :fire:

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When teams make runs on us during third quarters, I really wish we had a healthy Gordon Hayward on the floor to balance us out and steady.


We’re going to lose this game aren’t we?

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Why isn’t Melo in the game?? Melo has been out of the game for most of the third

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Once again, when this team plays like shit, they play like SHIT.

From 20 up to up 1. Total trash. Leaving Ball out for that entire time, refs giving lakers a few bail out calls, bad offense, no defensive communication, blow byes, not attacking the rim on offense. So bad.

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The foul disparity is really frustrating

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We are consistent at playing like shit for long periods and I don’t get it. Been this way for years. And we still can’t inbound the ball at the end of games.

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ANOTHER BAIL OUT FOUL CALL AGAINST BALL. What the fuck is happening???

And then Ball can’t finish at the rim and we can’t hit a damn shot.

HOLY SHIT we got a foul call against the lakers finally! Wow!

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If we lose this…. I’m quitting.

We can’t guard Westbrook when he plays like this. Seems better when he’s the guy.

Man. All his points were lazy defensive let downs. He did a quick blow by when our defense was napping and not communicating. He hit one three other than that I think. Nothing too special. Just horrendous defense

I think one of them, he got the screen assist from Plumlee (incidentally blocking out Miles)

Damn can’t buy a bucket. When we’re cold we’re COLD.

Last thing I want to see his Cody Martin with the razzle dazzle pull up three.

Can we put someone in to protect the paint? Geez. Westbrook is shooting layups.

The good things plumlee was doing has quickly evaporated in the second half

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