Let’s crush the lakers on national television

Plumlee with the REVERSE OOP!!…that doesn’t count…:weary:

Such a lame foul call. We get screwed even on fouls called for us. Haha

For the life of me, I can’t begin to imagine what the adoration of THT is about. I have never seen him play at a level that made me think he’s anything but a 9th best player in a good team.


I would leave Plumlee in the game and let him foul out, 6;30 left might aswell try and build a lead to knock them out than playing for the end of the game

He had a few good preseason games that’s basically it

But to turn on ESPN or listen to any national NBA pod, you’d think he’s Paul Pierce Jr.

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For some reason Plumlee has kinda reminded me of dwight howard when he played for us tonight minus the demanding for post ups

On an Hornets note, that block by PJ was in EC terms just GLORIOUS!

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That’s two or three times I’ve seen plumlee grab the board and lead the break up the floor. Looked pretty good. Made good decisions with the ball too.

And that long pass to Miles earlier in the game was great. We’ve really seen the highs and lows of plumlee tonight

Put LaMelo back in!

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Yeah, it’s been the Winter. Spring, Summer, and Fall of Plumlee tonight

Yep! I hear ya.

Oh come the fuck on refs! That’s bullshit

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What did Bridges do there?

They said he taunted the Lakers by doing the “too small” thing

The too small gesture that’s been done 8 times in this game so far

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Miles what the fuck are you doing. Cmon dude. No room to talk shit. Blowing a 20 point lead to a shitty, depleted LA team. Shut the fuck up Miles and be a leader dude

Lakers are out hustling us. Why do we do this?

Even if we win this game, I’m going to be annoyed.

Welp, techs for too small now. Cool.