Let’s crush the lakers on national television

The too small is like the Hornets signature taunt

JB challenge a fucking bad call dude. There’s been several he hasn’t challenged.

Major stock down game for coach JB for me. There’s been several moments where he’s needed to step up and stand up for his team to the officials and he chose not to. When we seem to frequently let teams back into the game, I look at JB. He has GOT to get better about helping this team keep focused.

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These foul calls are not evenly being called.

Oh wow free throws for Westbrook after running over Martin.

And JB STILL won’t challenge it. What a pussy.

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We haven’t had a block/charge call go our way in a while.

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And just as I say that Miles gets away with a blatant charge.

Looks like Vogel can challenge smh

Who will step up and defend in the absence of Cody?

And we got a foul call that will be reversed most likely. With our luck.

Edit: and 1

Should get continuation on that.

Nice! Yes sir

JB allows his best defender in Cody Martin to foul out on a questionable block call, and won’t challenge it.

What a coward. Stand up for your team and not let your guys down.

See, now the lakers coach (smart!) is going to challenge a call and reverse it.

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I’ll take it. They owe us a few.

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Man, Horton tucker was shuffling his feet AND flopped. Oh please. These national ESPN announcers love the lakers

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Ish is the damned truth tonight

The damned TRUTH

Put in Melo

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Once again, not super impressed by Westbrook. We’re giving him wide open fucking lanes. He’s just blowing by guys.


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Westbrook needs to get away from Lebron.

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Love the Lamelo bullshit minutes… Borrego likes to get too fucking cute


JB letting his team down again by leaving Melo out.

Super happy to see Ish do the damn thing, but you don’t bench Melo like this dude

JB is trash

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Major stock down tonight on JB. What a huge coaching dump on his part tonight. I don’t love JB and I never really have.

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