Play in Game vs Atlanta

Melo has to stop with these silly fouls


Do they know this is the play in game. The “I don’t care” hornets team has showed up.

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Trae Young sucking dirty pond water is at least somewhat fulfilling.

I would love a win, but it is not happening. I just cannot understand how some player won’t show up in such important games.

The Hawks shooters are stepping up. Rozier and Ouvre being off of course smh.

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Harrell has the energy we need right now.

Just make sense. It’s so typical though. Same thing, different year. How does JB not have them fired up to play in an important game?

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Put IT in! Let him take over!

We need 2 of Miles LaMelo or Terry to get going if we want to win

We can’t get a dud game from those 3

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Passes going through the legs, guys not getting to 50/50 balls, passes going to the third row is so frustrating on this stage. Good to only be down 9.


Hopefully they will get out of this funk.

Does anyone else get so annoyed at everything Trey Young does?

Didn’t really hit shots that quarter and only down 9 with them draining, I still believe. But we can’t go that many minutes without 2 of Lamelo Miles Terry


The way these guys devalue possessions is amazing to me.

Whenever we take a good step forward, we take two back…

Literally nothing is going our way. Glad Borrego called a timeout. Only down 8 is a miracle

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Agreed, we need a couple of guys to step forward together to get over that hump


We need to run some offense. Get some good shots. Everything just looks so hard for us right now.

We’re getting zero from our three scorers right now


And not totally out of it. Kinda remarkable. Need to hold on until they can find traction