Play in Game vs Atlanta

Miles driving is a good sign. Like the Jalen and PJ energy

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This last minute is what I am talking about. We are down by 6, and blink, now we are down by 11

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This is the worst I’ve seen us play. We could easily be down 30 right now.

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None of what we do defensively matters if our 3 leading scorers are asleep at the wheel


4 for 23 shooting from the big 3 right now.

5-25 and PJ is 5-7

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We will get it together. Hope this doesn’t have anything to do with having to walk a quarter mile to the damn arena and missing key shootaround time

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Down 8 at the half isn’t impossible but they gotta start hot out in the 3rd and make ATL feel some pressure

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How are we only down 8? If we can play at least decent, we can win this game.


We looked alive to finish the half atleast,

feel like Melo was fouled on that last shot too

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But same reason he doesn’t have 4 fouls, he’s not getting that call

Melo has to learn take all the time off the clock. Don’t give them a chance at the last shot. This is the second game he has done this.

Why are they doing a segment on Zion

The Zion thing is weird. He looks scary large

Lol, of course they won’t talk about us at our halftime

ESPN seems to have dedicated a segment to Zion everytime he’s appeared in public this year

Melo can be a real dummy for sure. Still he needs to excel in the 2nd half for us to succeed. Especially on his floaters and drives. Must be stronger. PJ, Miles and Melo need to play all if not almost all of the 2nd.

Our complete lack of any kind of defensive pressure or even defensive concept is alarming as usual.

Atlanta is smarter for sure, on both ends. We need focused hard work and a strong will to win. Not our brand I’m afraid. But now is as good a time as any…

We need Miles at full Miles. More than we need Terry imo

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I’ll take Terry though

At least Rozier can still make an open 3

The thing is, we never know with our guys. Kelly might come in and catch fire, at the same time, he can come in and miss everything. Let’s see.