Play in Game vs Atlanta

I just don’t think playing zone defense in a playoff game is anything but an admission of failure. Zero ball pressure. Kick me.


Only fitting that we are down bad on offensive boards

Feels like we’re at that inflection point. Stick around or fold

Why doesn’t someone on this team get angry with how we are playing? Someone… anyone. Wish JB would lay into them.


We’ll never win a playoff game until we figure out how to play defense. Ball pressure is non-existent, leaving the lane open with no rim protector to back them up. No hope unless we make stops.


Oh my God we’ve quit.

I hate us.

This is bad game management

Aaannndfd thats the season boys and girls

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It goes to show that the coaching staff is not fit for playoffs. Best we can do is play-ins.

My Mills gonna be sweet when I gets to Cancun.

I’m not going to put it past management to make a change here. I mean at the end of the day, consecutive embarrassing Play-In performances merit some kind of wake up call


After this shit, I think it’s time for JB to go. He can’t get them fired up for an important game like this.


Looks like it. Sad way to end a good season

Whole team not fit for the playoffs right now not just the coaches

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Like I posted earlier, don’t be surprised to see a coach and GM change, with GM change potentially coming first

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Lol Miles Bridges made a big show of getting off social media to be locked in for the game then goes out and is a nonfactor.

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Atlanta showed last season that it knows how to go in the playoffs. Was seriously worried about that, but didn’t want to say it out loud.

Be surprised if they don’t beat the Cavs and give Miami some fits.

I do feel them not ready to play had a lot to do with coaching though. It’s so typical


Well, I cannot blame early 20-year-olds for not being ready. They get ready by playing. But agree that “veterans” are not ready, neither are the coaches.