Hornets Preseason Game 1 versus Toronto

Finally, we’ll see the not so purple anymore and teal back on the floor

I am so pumped! Haven’t seen these guys in 276 days in an organized competitive game. Can’t wait to see them back out there!

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Trying to keep my expectations in check. Hoping I can just enjoy watching something that looks like it will come together.


Yes, and on that new court too.

I live less than 2 miles from the arena and can’t even watch this game, Fox Sports Southeast is no longer included in direct TV it looks like.

They look competent. Had a bad stretch for a few mins but then got on a good run.

Melo’s passing is nice

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So I saw somewhere that bilasport has the games. Working for me.

Guys looking good. The new unis and court look so damn clean. In the running for best look in the league.

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This Ball kid can pass.

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Heyward still has hops.

That pass


Bridges just scored the basketball.

That assist from Melo to Biz was so gorgeous


Nick Richards having his welcome to the nba moment

Richards need a lot of work

I think there was a lot to like in this game. Lot of confusion and turnovers, but I’d expect that with a team trying to do what we’re doing with a lot of young and new players.

Definitely looking forward to watching this team play this year.


Lots of sloppy play which was to be expected but some nice stuff too.

Riller was the best of the guys that played in the last quarter.

PJ and Miles look different this year. They didn’t play great but you can tell they’re both ready to have a big year. Miles is definitely not going to be “left out” like some predicted.

Boy, Melo is special! SMH.

So AT&T TV Now showed the game in their guide but then in reality broadcast the FSSE feed from another region (Atlanta). So I recorded various filler shows culminating in wrestling. Jeez

Managed to watch online thru nbastreams and bilasports. Looks like hehestreams is working now, but was hoping not to have to pay for it.