Hornets Preseason Game 3 versus Orlando

Gametime 7:00pm at ORL

The minus Hayward, plus Bacon game

How many times Bacon gonna stare down Borrego?

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First stint, PJ was playing defense optional and chose to opt out. That’s worrisome. Hope that’s not an effect of the added offensive role he’s taken on.

Curious, with Tae and Ball playing together the last 3-4 mins of Q1, was that their first time out on the court together? Was interesting they inverted roles and Ball was playing the 2.

I feel bad for not giving Rozier more love.

That dude is a good player and just calmly keeps working out there.


Terry has been fantastic this year.


I’m really feeling this team. Lots of potential contributors. Love seeing us push so fast right after the other team makes a basket.

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Agreed but really concerned with the nno defense by PJ. Miles at the 4 was immediately more aware or at least active defensively than PJ. And I am loathe to take shots at PJ but that was pathetically bad defensive efforts throughout the first half.

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LaMelo needs to go up for layups strong like that more often instead of the floaters


That being said, I liked his game a lot more tonight. Not as glitzy, but lots of solid contributions and ran the offense well. He’s going to be a very disruptive player defensively with that length. Always getting his hands up off the ball.

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This team is fun to watch, LaMelo is the best player in the draft…

Rozier he is absolutely winning me over, he is truly a poor man’s Westbrook

I really like McDaniels

I am in Costa Rica, streaming the game, hope this goes through


I know it’s just preseason but he needs to be more aggressive. Kind of annoying how passive he’s been. I’ll only start worrying though when it carries over to the real season.

Take me with you. Please.

On a separate note, If the Hornets needs a team psychotherapist/substance abuse therapist, I’m your guy. 31 and have been dually licensed and practicing for 8 years. Also, I can knock down a three. Good free throw percentage, unselfish passer, team defense, and will give up the body to draw the charge. Excellent high fives.

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I feel like in a year or two LaMelo will be a pretty decent to good defender. His bad defense seems to be more of a he’s never been coached on that end of the floor thing than an effort issue


I agree GW

He has the skill

And if they need a psychiatrist I’m you’re guy

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Defense in nba takes a few years. Right now he can work on sitting down when he is guarding the ball. He starts lower but as soon as the first towards the basket directional dribble happens he is almost straight up and using his hands. This is both a practice thing and a strength thing.

I am not at all worried about his defense (unless effort becomes an issue which I don’t think it will). His shot is the single biggest concern.

It does seem to take a while for most players but it’s Devonte who is in my sights for this season.

He still seems to overcommit/guess at moves and gets caught out a fair bit of the time as a result. I’ve seen this before from people in various sports and it tends to be from those who don’t have a true desire to defend.

I hope that’s not the case with Devonte and suspect it’s more to do with his physical limitations resulting in him guessing in the hope of being right rather than being fundamentally sound and still getting blown by.

I’m hoping to see more composure and a bit more dog in him on D this season.

I wonder how much that is also a function of his size. He and kemba both did/do that and I highly suspect it is because they get completely swallowed up on picks. Smaller players just can’t she’d screens that well (in general)

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I believe this is likely the case.