Hornets Preseason Game 2 versus Toronto

2nd verse, same as the first?

Today, 7:00 PM

Curious what folks are interested in seeing in G2. For me, Melo gets a bucket to drop will happen so that’s not what I am tuning in to see. I do want to see more of his playmaking as that was incredibly cool. But most important to me tonight will be for the team to cut down on the turnovers and keep the assist to bucket ratio high. Also would like to see PJ have a good game.

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When will monk be cleared to play? Well, when would monk be eligible to be cleared to play?

He was supposedly cleared on the 10th or 11th (confirmed he scrimmaged with the team on the 12th), just didn’t have time to get synced up on prep with the team. I thought folks believed he’d see PT tonight but I haven’t seen anything either way on that yet.

Folks have been thinking they’d see PT for Monk for a long time now lol. Glad we’re continuing that theme into this season.

Was told he would play sparingly but will play

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Hot start with every basket assisted so far. Interesting going with Biz early and no early PJ at the 5.

Good to see the young fella make his first shot

Good first quarter. How much weight did McDaniels put on?

We need to slow it down. A bit too manic out there. But I love everything about PJ and Miles so far.


That lob by Melo to Miles-Yep!

I can’t wait to watch this team with 20 games or so of experience. Lot to like.


Are other teams fans already crying on social media about how many Hornets highlights are being posted yep!

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McDaniels looks very legit.


He does. Especially in that line up with he, Miles, and PJ.

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PJ will get himself some buckets this year.


Heyward’s game looks effortless. I love it. He looks to be an anchor of reliability with our youngsters.

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We have a Monk sighting

Interesting thing JB said last game was that he never called a play for Gordon

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When will the Martin experiment end

Why is darling getting run over riller and sneed. Cmon JB get the martins out of the game and play riller or sneed.