Hornets Preseason Game 2 versus Toronto

Am I the only one that thing Nick Richards looks like Jordan Peele playing a character?

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He’s looked horrible anytime he’s been on the floor. He’s played like 10 minutes in two preseason games, but early impression isn’t good

Riller is on the injury list which is why he’s not out there

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Ah gotcha. Riller was one of the few young guys off the bench who looked good the first game

Monk. Good to see ya buddy.

Obviously, it’s two games, and I’m not overly concerned, but one concern I have with Ball is that he seems like he’s looking for the big play every possession as opposed to looking for cleanly executed plays and doing something special when need arises. This is an especially interesting game because you have Malachi Flynn who’s almost the opposite player: clean, smooth stroke and just running the show with no fanfare.

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I think that’s a good read on Ball. I’m going to chalk it up to it being preseason and playing a bit more loose going for the home runs. I think it’s Ball wanting to show off a little, which I like.

His shot mechanics arent as broken like Lonzo’s, but he kind of shoots from his chest and it drives me nuts. I keep wanting to freeze frame and tuck his elbow in so that he’s not trying to shoot with the ball square in front of his face blocking his view of the basket lol.

I’ve noticed his shooting stance is very narrow and he generates power from his arms, which makes him chicken wing it a bit and uses his non shooting hand in his shot too much too. I guess he’s used to shooting over the top of people and just shoots kind of tall and narrow. I think if he can change his footwork and his base alignment (lower body), his shooting percentage will get better

I don’t generally feel comfortable with our depth but I am really liking Jalen in what I’ve seen since late last year.

Jalen really reminds me of Jonathan Isaac

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His shot is disgusting. Like mkg bad.

No way. MKG’s shot is much worse, lonzo’s too

Swirvithan could be a distant cousin

Your PTSD is kicking in. MKG is my guy, but he didn’t hit 2 threes in a game until his 4th season.

Ball just looks like he has the form of a smaller kid playing with the older kids on a too high goal, which is how he grew up being the youngest. But being able to hit 40 foot jumpers and score 92 points in a game says he at least has some touch, and if he can tighten up his mechanics (unlike having to completely rebuild like MKG), he’ll be fine. Don’t even have to worry about him being scared to shoot like Ben Simmons.

Ball’s shooting form reminds me of my original golf swing as learned from my dad. I don’t say that as a compliment of either my golf game as a teen or LaMelo’s shot.


His shot is different than mkg’s but just as disgusting.

LaMelo doesn’t have good form on his shot and doesn’t shoot in rhythm.

Basic stuff like squaring up to the basket, dipping his hands before his shot, and all that.

On the good side though I think that his passing is actually helping to change team culture. It seems to be making everyone else look to pass more too.


I’d say melo’s shooting form is better than diop free throws



We goin sizzler, we goin sizzler!

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That movie still has so many life lessons. Maybe they should bring them back and do a Cobra Kai type series - like with Wesley Snipes still hustlin, maybe like a World Wide Wes type, and Woody being a high school coach trying to keep top prospects away from him.