SL Game 4, CHA vs CHI

Let’s go. #BryceFanClub

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Summer League Championship match QUESTIONMARK?

That was great ad lib work on the opening position

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Been a lot of Mad Libs since lol

Crutch has been an offensive monster so far today. I do like our interior length to muck things up between Mark and Thor though.

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I definitely like it better with another guard out there.

Also, I thought Mark was about to block that little baby hook.

The summer league trap.

The Mike Dunlap special

Kai is going to be a problem. Love it

Are these Bulls jerseys, official jerseys? They look like they were done in ChinaTown in a rush, so ugly imo.

Guys missing the 3s that were falling yesterday so far

Crutcher like



Did the offense just stop when Bryce left the game?

2-18 from 3, most of them have been good looks

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For some reason they are just not falling in. I would’ve expected at least 5-6 more made 3s from those looks.

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Oh well, he is dead now LOL

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There were some pretty bad passes in the second.

All the fun ball movement of the first minute left them thereafter.

Might have been the literal moment McGowen had the wind knocked out of him.

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Mark gets a lot of deflections that lead to steals. That’s promising. I know that pass to Beyce wasn’t right on and led to a TO but i like the idea and vision.


Feels like Bryce is trying to put the team on his back but he’s got a small back.