SL Game 4, CHA vs CHI

Yeah, trying to force too much.

I don’t mind it. He’s played very well over SL generally. But it would be nice to see the ball still move.

…and we’re back to Kai 3-ball fever dreams. This one is academic.

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Man Crutcher sucks

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Same on McGowen. Teams out of rhythm. He’s trying to make something happen. Still, there are a few times I wished he would have passed.

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He thinks that he can pass like LaMelo…

Kai’s shot gives me a seizure

That block and catch by Kai, love it, then the jam. Dude

Mark Williams has no awareness of his size around the rim.

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That was a nifty move by Mark to get that pass to Ball.

Mark has done a lot of little things that i think the coaches are going to like when they review the tape from this.


lol at McGowen. I guess he passed it.

34 percent from the field and 23 percent from 3. Oh well, Hornets Law reigns supreme.



Can some photoshop wizard please place that hornets picture Icky posted and place it into this gif

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Yep… every time. And we suck again… until the next game. Haha