TOR vs young guns part deux

Starting off nicely… it would be great to see a good game from one of the Young’uns tonight.

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Nick appearing to be taking the 90 points in the paint thing personally. Flirting with a double double in the first quarter and covering the rim admirably.

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That Thor turn around late in the clock was siiiiiillky.

Kai has to be Cliff’s biggest enigma. Ha can be so good and so bad in the same swath of time, it must be hard to evaluate.

I did appreciate the corral on the baseline and the bullet back to the top to save the play. He’s got to get better at making simple decisions though.

The more I see of Svi the more I like him

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That weird fake into a 3 in the first quarter (9:08 mark) was really an impressive show of balance and confidence.