The Durant Suns game

Mark Williams looks like the real deal. Loved the jump shot he hit and how he hit that layup hanging in the air. He’s so smooth.

I would like us to start Kai over Thor, just to see what happens. I feel like Thor does nothing.

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I’m sold(ish) on Nick as backup C, at least until something better comes along. I’d like to see Mark get all the minutes right now - like 35+ mins a game kind of minutes vs. what I fear he’ll get in the mid 20s.

Really want to see Cliff lean all the way in on Bryce minutes.


Seriously gang, unless Mark has a broken bone, why would he be on the bench in lieu of Nick with 5 minutes to play in a 4th quarter after [Nick] coming in with several minutes left in the 3rd?

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I again refer you to the money all pena scene

Does Mark have to pay a dollar for a Coke in the locker room?

I know Durant only had 23, but it felt like he had 40. Seemed he never missed. It’s s just insane how efficient he is.

I agree I’d love to see a little less Thor and more Kai. I know Cliff has defended Thor by saying he does a lot of the little things you don’t see, but I’m not sure we need to not see it for 29 minutes. There’s no scenario in which Thor should be getting more minutes than Mark, ever. This seems like a perfect opportunity with PJ out to get Kai some run.


I see that as Gordon hayward. He’s David Justice for sure

Mark shows us more ever game. He showed last night he has a nice midrange jump shot. It looked smooth. He just needs reps playing time . He has a high cyling . High enough to be a top 10 center next season with enough playing time. He reminds me of a better shooting Okafor.

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