The Donovan Mitchell Scores on us Game Thread

Well PJ is Playing good

Richards and Kai need more playing time against the Cavs frount line. We cut the lead to six with them in . But Cliff is in love with Plumlee

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It will be an easy victory for the Cav’s tonight! Our guys can’t hit the broad side of a barn!

We’ve needed Plumlee gone since we got Mark

We lose this game because we take Richards out in the 4th and put Plumlee back in.

Plumlee fouls out we might have a chance

Dubble overtime

This team can’t think it’s way out of a wet paper bag.

With Mitch, Cliff, and Plumlee we are in control of our destiny

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I can’t wait til next season! Tanking our way to future greatness!

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Turned the game off with 1:45 left when we were down 10. Got a text that they came back. After fumbling with the horrible Bally Sports app, I was able to turn the game back on to them not being able to score in 2 OT. It’s my fault they lost and for that, I am sorry.

Tanking without trying to tank impressive stuff


in the game Richards had 13 points and 14 rebounds , Plumlee only 2 and 5 . Playing close to the same time.
Cliff has got to realize Richards and Williams is a much better choice.


To me, seems pretty obvious that cliff wasn’t playing Nic more minutes unless Plums fouls out in the first OT. That’s what i have such an issue with. Richards is so much more value-added on the court than Plumbob is.


This is perfect game film of Oubre and Terry to send around the league. A scorer needy team will take the bait.

Interesting to see Kai move ahead of Thor on the depth chart. I saw some comments on Cliff saying how much better Kai has been getting in practice, and will open up more playing time for him.

Good PJ showed up, but is that it for him for the week, or can he learn to be consistent?

Is Sunday the first day of the new week or the last day of the old week?

And to that point, Cliff blamed the loss tonight on our inability to rebound, yet proceeded to prioritize Plumlee (8 boards in 31 mins) over Richards (10 boards in 17 mins) yet again. It just makes no sense. Not sure what else Nick needs to do in order to earn more court time.


I started watching the postgames to see if Cliff would own his parts (of our performance) and have been rely surprised that everything is the players’ fault. To you exact point, one way we could have secured a rebound is putting in a guy that does a great job of rebounding, not collecting balls that come to him but actually keys the ball up high in traffic. So much more disappointed with Clifford than I ever expected to be.

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Really, this was a hallmark of his last season in Charlotte. Blame the players for stragery errors

Looks like PJ counts it as part of the old week.

And speaking of rebounding, PJ only averages 4.8 per game. Less than Kelly, equal to Terry, and equal to 7th/8th man Jalen.

I’m wondering if all these rebounding quotes from Cliff are calling out PJ without saying his name.