Cleveland Mini Series

We got the Cavs tomorrow and Tuesday. I have one ticket for Sunday’s game and two for Tuesday. If interested let me know. Thanks

Impressive first quarter. Nick Richards looking dominant at the moment.

Also DSJr looking like he’s playing for his family’s life out there.

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That was on of the most inspired quarters we’ve played all year. Exciting to watch.

We will win tonight, since Thor has 5 points.

When Kai gets the ball close to the rim, he brings the ball down too low. Got to get over that to have any development on offense. See that in youth club with very young kids

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Close loss to a good team down more injured guys. Clifford is doing a good job, hopefully we have paid enough penance to the basketball gods to be blessed with Wemby.


Tentative too. Too much time for defenses to react. Need to build his confidence.

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I’m still intrigued by Kai’s athleticism and energy. I don’t have a good sense yet of how much further that can be refined, but he’s shown enough flashes that I’d like to see more. No one could have looked more lost and out of sorts than Richards did his rookie year and he’s developed into a solid player now, so Kai just needs time.

If Kai could mirror Nic Claxton’s trajectory, that would be ideal for me. Giannis explosions are so exceedingly rare to happen, so I would never put that burden on him.

But I think Claxton is pretty similar - tall, slim center, very athletic and lengthy, didn’t play much the first couple years, and now Nic has developed into a 12 point 9 rebound and 2.5 block per game player. I do think Kai has higher potential because he has more perimeter (though highly unrefined) skills, and a degree of athleticism that is in the top 2% of the league.

But as a backup big man for now, I’d love to see him get enough time to get that comfort level and not be afraid of being benched, maybe next year he could average like 9 & 7 with 2 blocks, or maybe more if we don’t keep Richards.

Kai definitely needs minutes. I think we all know the sort of player we have in Richards, as do the coaching staff and front office. We don’t yet know as much about Kai, and Richard’s impending free agency makes it vital that we learn as much as we can before the season is over.