The Late Game Against Utah

The best team in the league is playing tonight and also the Jazz will be on the court

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Nice post. Hornets by 40 lol

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Ball, Terry, and Monk are looking hella sharp so far

Edit : and Gordo

We are going to need an all time Cody classic tonight

Biz, Biz, Biz… You are killing me man (I’m on a dvr delay)

Kicking ass right now! Who saw it coming?

spoke too fast, let’s hope we can get some momentum back

We need to settle down

How many pts are the Jazz going to get this game that shouldn’t count? I count 4 right now. That was bs

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I hate the refs against us. But, it seems like our guys gave up after that bs tech

26-2 run since that bullshit

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Refs fucked us again tonight boys

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What the F man… this is Hornets basketball.

Hornets Law came in and said enough with enjoying the game

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We can not have 4 good quarters. We must have one where we stop guarding completely. I don’t get it.

Is that the same fractured hand that Hayward hurt?


Back to back three point records against us

Tonight’s jerk of the night: George’s Niang

Niang typically averages 4 points per game and shoots 31 percent from 3.

When Hornets Law is introduced Niang scores 21 points going 7/7 from 3.

28 3’s? Sheesh… more 3’s than characters I really want to type about it…

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