Can we stop losing vs the Magic

Who needs football when you have Cody Martin


We need to win this game

Very odd line, we are favored by 1

Strange… who is out for magic?

Weird, ORL was favored by 1.5 last night I thought.

We are now -2… jump on it boys, we roll tonight!

Vegas always knows and the Sharp money is coming in late

Refs are on some BS tonight so far

Biggest issue for me isn’t reffing, it’s out lack of aggressiveness and rebounding.

I love Biz but he’s not helping so far

I’d like to post more, but I don’t because I feel like a broken record.

The rebounding woes continue. Absolutely horrible. Many second chance points given up, which makes the defense look worse than it actually is.

We need an athletic center so bad. PJ is a tweener and better suited for PF.

Hayward looks frustrated. And I don’t blame him.

When Ball plays like this, he can play 40 min as far as I’m concerned.

And I did think it was right to bench him last game

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Terry has looked horrible the last few games. Way off

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This team looks completely lost out there.

Can’t buy a bucket. Still martins and no Monk.

The 5 day break has messed up our offensive rhythm totally

Oh, and I forgot the magic aren’t playing with aaron Gordon

I do not see why we’re playing Biz at this point.

Eric Collins: Magic are the worst 3 point shooting team in the league

Dell: The Magic are 50% from behind the arc tonight!

Hornets Law.

What is it that people like about coach JB? Remind me of some things that we’ve liked over the past two years.

I’ve been largely indifferent, but I’m growing more negative the more I watch.

This feels like a constant thing we see. Is it just Hornets Law, defensive schemes/coaching, or issues with our lineups? (combo of several things likely)

What’s wrong with terry rozier?

Here lately I think teams are starting to figure out the matchup zone, but like against Toronto some of this is just Hornets Law too. Lol

More concerning to me is the offense. Rozier and Graham can’t get in a consistent rhythm and that shit throws everything off. I hate to say it but Ball needs to start and one of them needs to come off the bench ideally.

Bacon did a great job getting us back into the game

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